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By Ishant GuptaQR CODES
Quick Response codes are QR codes in short.These codes store numbers, websites and text. Popularity of QR codes is increasing very fast.
QR code is a special graphic in a white square box. It has more capabilities than Bar code, due to based on digital technique. You can scan any QR code of any advertisement by your smartphone's QR code reader and get their website. You can use QR code in many ways.

1. Reminder for Friends:-
Do your friends not understand your handwriting? In this case you can use QR codes to tell them some important thing. For that you need to generate your QR code. Take a print and send it to your friend. Now if your friend want to read this QR code, he will scan QR code with the help of his phone or tablet and get the message. He can save QR code as an image also. It's benefit is that no other can easily read your message until he has QR code reader.

2. Secure Wi Fi Network:-
If you generate a QR code on for your Wi Fi, then people can connect with the network after scanning the code. For that you have to enter Wi Fi network name, password and security type in the website. Once you have done this, then if anyone wants to connect to your network he/she need to scan the code first.

3. QR code on T-Shirt:-
You can generate QR code on You have to sign up on the website for working on it. You can insert every type of information in this QR code. Interesting thing is that you can choose colors and look for the QR code. You can show pictures also in background or foreground. Now you can print this QR code on T-Shirts and Key-Chains and can share information.

4. QR Tattoo:-
If you want, you can recreate a working QR code on your body by a skilled tattoo artist. This QR tattoo can consists of your personal website, number, facebook account information etc. Important thing is that the tattoo should be enough large to read easily by scanner and lines should be sharp.

5. Use in Email Signature:-
Everyone use email facility these days and mention some details at the end of email, like name and designation. You can use QR code in your signature. Generally QR code copies the thing, which you want to share by text signature. It depends on you that you want to share personal things or professional things. For that you have to create a QR code first and then upload that image to any image hosting website ( Then get the link of image and mention with your email signature.

6. Visiting Card:-
Almost all QR code generation websites provide you the facility to insert your personal details to create a QR code and can create a Virtual Visiting Card (VCard). If this type of code is printed on your visiting card, then anyone can get your details by scanning the code.

7. Code for sale:-
If you want to sale your car and print the information related to it on a paper. If anyone does not have the time to read all that information, you can send him a QR code. Whenever he will get the time, he'll scan it and get all the information. You can mention a link in QR code of pic of car from Flicker or Picasa.

How to generate and read QR codes?
You can generate QR codes absolutely free and can save in PNG / JPEG image file or PDF format. Open, or Here you can create a QR code with simple information or with Google map location, Websites, Facebook or Twitter page links. These websites create a QR code in free. You can read these QR codes with the help of QR code scanner in your smartphone. You can use Google Goggles or NeoReader apps. These apps. work free for Android, Windows and iPhone devices.


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