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Your smartphone's camera could have a limited resolution. But you can make it smart by adding some functions like High Speed Capture, Panorama and many filters.
mobile with camera lens
Some Mobile phones support Camera lens.

1. Panorama:-

360 panorama
Some times wide angle photography is not enough. If you want to capture an extra wide landscape, you need an extra wide angle. In this situation Panorama app will be very useful for you. 360 Panorama is best for Android and iOS devices. You can create a real time Panorama with its help and can share at the same time.

2. Photo Filters:-
Fun Photo Filter help you to improve the low quality photographs taken by your mobile phones. You can use Powercam app for it. You can apply effects in a photo and can check, how will it look, before capturing a photo with its help. Because it apply on camera feed in real time.

3. Time Lapse:-
Time lapse
Have you ever watched a professionally created time lapse videos?
It is a technique in which a video is created by the sequence of photographs. With the help of Time Lapse technique, you can see a slow motion event in a fast mode. For a better quality Time Lapse video, camera should be perfectly still.
Now you can make a time lapse of any event of your mobile by "Lapse It" application. It is free for iOS and Android. For better results you should mount it on a tripod. Its pro version have more features.

4. Additional Modes:-
Smile detection additional mode
Some Standalone digital cameras provide more features than a smartphone. For example: Smile Detection, Self timer and multiple scene mode features does not exist in smartphone cameras. You can add these features in your smartphone by using some apps. In iOS device you can set self timer by using iBooth application. In Android you can get Smile Shot mode and Beauty Shot mode by Pixlr-O-Matic application.

5. Post Photo effect:-
post photo effect
If you want to add some effects in a photo after capturing it, then make 2 versions of the photograph. There are many apps to add effects in a photo. Tilt Shift is a good effect, using it you can create a miniature effect on a selected focus. It works only on a special rectangular area of the photo and  make remaining part blur. You can use Powercom app also for the same. For iOS you can use Tadaa HD Pro camera app. If you like HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, you can use "Befunky Photo Editor" or "100 Cameras in 1." These works on iOS. If in any photo, you want to give a depth like DSLR camera, then use AfterFocus.

6. High Speed Burst:-
High Speed Burst
Using burst mode you can take many photos at the same time. Some camera phones have shutter leg. So a time gap is generated in between the pressing of the shutter release button and recording of a photo. In this situation Burst mode provides you many options for the same scene. If your Android phone does not have this feature, then install Camera Ex application for free. It is an Ad supported app. You can select the number of images you want to take, when adding for a burst mode. Now you don't need to press shutter button continually. "Camera Awesome" is for iOS devices. It provide burst mode and direct sharing of photos. Window's phone users can use the free version of "Turbo Camera."

7. Animation:-
You can give a motion to a still image by using Stop Motion Animation. In this many images are taken from different different angles of any object and then an illusion of movement is created after adding images. "Stomo" is an app for the same. It is free for iOS. An another app is "Cinema Graph." Android users can use "Clay Frames" and "Stop Motion." Both apps provide the features like, size of video, playback speed in 'Frame per Second', movie sharing etc.


There are so many tricks in computer, that can help you to speed up your system. You can try this special trick given below to speed up the start menu.
1. Click on the start button of computer and then click on Run.
2. Type regedit and press Ok.
A new window Registry Editor will open here.
3. Select HKEY_CURRENT_USER in Registry Editor and click on + sign.
4. Select Control Panel and explore its options by clicking on + sign.
5. Now you will find here Desktop option and click on it. It will show you many options in right side.
6. Search Menu Show Delay here.
7. When you'll find it double click it and change its value from 400 to 0.
8. Now restart your computer and you will find your start menu working fast.

Keyboard Shortcuts:-
Here are some shortcuts will be very helpful for you when working on Windows.
1. ESC:- To abort running task.
2. Backspace:- To see last level of my computer and window explorer.
3. CTRL+Tab:- To jump forward with the help of tabs.
4. CTRL+Shift+Tab:- To move backward with the help of tabs.
5. Tab:- To move forward with the help of options.
6. Shift+Tab:- To move backward with the help of options.
7. Alt+Underlined letter:- To apply related command.
8. Enter:- To apply command for Button or Active Option.
9. Spacebar:- To selector deselect any checkbox.

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