Monday, 4 March 2013


By Ishant Gupta
If you try browsing on app store, you find hundreds of apps. However, sometimes, you can’t find the required app even after a long search. Now, you can create your own app using internet and that too for free!

These days the market is loaded with smartphones and tablets. This trend is also accompanied by various applications making their way into the market. These applications make our daily tasks easier. But sometimes you fail to find the exact app as per your requirements. So why not think of creating an app of your own? There are some websites that can help you create your own apps for free. Let’s have a look as some of them. ( is the apt website for you if you want to create your own app. Here you can get to know apps at the basic level. It is absolutely free. And here you can create your favourite apps for all android devices. The greatest thing is that you do not have to pay even for getting your app published. You get all the required assistance from Appsbar while creating your app. This website has a built-in wizard. It helps you at every step in the creation of the app. You have to start by choosing what type of app you want to create. Then, you have to choose between the many options offered by the website. You can choose between different colours, backgrounds and sections. Once you complete the process of creating app, submit it. Then the Appsbar team will evaluate it and determine whether it meets the Google quality standards. Additionally, you will also be given advice regarding improvements in your app, if any. This is also a free step. Within 10 to 14 days after submitting the app, it will go live on the app store. The method of working and terms and conditions are quite simple on this website. (
In order to work with appinventor, you will first have to sign in using your Google account. It works on android platform. It provides many features, but the only problem is its complexity. Having said that, you can attain expertise if you study appinventor well. In other app builders, you can easily create apps with the graphic user interface. But here, you can join screens and also create animations. It also gives the option of adding social networking connectivity. It also has the option to add location or orientation sensor. Not only that, it also offers integrated advanced features like bar code scanner, text to speech and speech recognition. However, it does not provide any offer for approval on Google playstore. Once you create the app, you can download the .apk file on your computer and send it to other people. The most interesting part is that you can transfer this file to your phone so that you can install it and have a trial of your app. (
You can use ibuildapp for creating Android or iOS apps. The content management system of the website also allows you to update your app. So you can enhance the content and design of the app. All of this happens real-time. It means that you can update your app even after it is published on the apps store. The app creation process is similar to other app builders. You have to select a template. Then, you choose internet, design and look. Then you choose the content and data. Once done, you have to submit the app for approval. You can avail free submission for android apps on playstore using this website. (
As the name suggests, this website is basically for creation of android based apps. Using this, you can add features like video, interactive maps, flickr gallery, music player or RSS news/feeds to your app. You can also get banner ads. Since Andromo provides you the necessary tools for creating apps and hosts the apps, it charges half of the revenue amount from your app. If you want your app to be ads-free, you have to pay one-time payment charges of 99 USD. If you opt for this option, you can also sell your app on Android playstore instead of offering it for free. (
Buzztouch helps you with app creation, gives information about the process and also explains the meaning of difficult terms. Using this website, you can create apps for Android as well as for iOS. The process here is very simple for advanced users. By using the online panel control you can start creating your app. But you will have to download source code on your PC. You will also have to use free software Xcode for iOS and Eclipse for Android in order to run the app. If you do not have knowledge about coding, do not worry. Buzztouch will provide you all the necessary links and related information. (
With appmakr, you can create apps for Android, iOS and Windows. This app has an easy-to-use graphic user interface. In the step-by-step process on this website, you have to first select the platform. Then, you can add RSS feed. And you can also select different images for logos. Then, select the background and related information. If you want to publish the app, you have to fix the price of the app. Then, you can also decide whether the app will be with or without advertisements. Appmakr also has an app quality index for you. From this you can know about the chances of your app getting approved. If you are satisfied by the app index figure, you can submit your app.

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Also capriza, appsgeyzer are two more tools to develop your own apps only in some minutes very easily, see example apps at Smiley Teeth and get stocks app developed using the above tools :)

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