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AMAZING "CLOUD" By Ishant Gupta
Do you need more storage for your mobile phone or tablet? Your PC have not more storage capacity?
If you access internet on both PC and mobile then you can easily reach to the hard disk of your PC.
In this fast moving world say bye bye to your hard disk and make your own cloud.
Cloud Computing
PC means Personal Cloud:-
If you want to use your PC as a Personal Cloud, you have to setup "Remote Access" on computer. For that you need to install Server Application on computer. provides free Server Software for Windows and Mac OSX.  Login to your account after run this software. You need to register free in this account. You can use your Phone or Tablet browser also. After it you can control your computer remotely and run program or transfer files. One alternate to access the files remotely is to buy a network connected hard-drive such like Buffalo Station (Price 16000 Rs.). Cloud Stations are available in different different storage capacity and connects to internet router/modem through Ethernet. After one time setup using one browser you can see, stream and download files.

Using some Add ons in Dropbox, you can use use its storage in other works also. For example if you have stored any data in Dropbox, using Drop-Tune you can reach or stream that data. Go to and signin with Dropbox account. By this you are allowed to access your all files with one browser and can play without downloading. You can use dropbox iOs app to stream files on iPhone and iPad. Using "Dropbox Automator" ( you can easily convert or transfer files. Here 'allow' your dropbox account and then perform 'action'. For example "Convert to PDF". If any file is located in a folder, automator will convert it to PDF.

Access Data via Mobile:-
You can access your content by phones or tablets by many apps available in market. For these apps you need to install a server software on your PC like a browser. "Tonido" is a free app for ios, android, windows 7 and blackberry phones. It works best on 3G and Wi-Fi. Download desktop server software for windows, Mac, OS X or Linux from Once you link up the app with your computer, you can stream music on your phone from any corner of the world. You can download files. You can add photos and videos taken by phone to the computer.
One another app is- Polkast. Polkast changes your computer in a free cloud. Polkast server software ( allows you to share some folders. You can transfer large size files with it's help, because there is no limit in file transfer.

Music Streaming by PC:-
You can stream videos and audios very well with Tonido. But it all depends on the speed of internet connection. In this situation you should use "Sub Sonic" app. It is a free app. It works for android and ios. Get this app from for windows, mac and linux. In this you have to create an account and make a setup of folder which you want to share. Setup a name of web server to connect this app with your phone or tablet. Now it will show all the music files of the computer. You can create a playlist. It works almost on all formats of audio files. It also supports to video files.

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