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By Ishant Gupta
Are you trapped in a situation where your computer has some issues and you are not able to figure out the solution? How about connecting remotely via Internet with an expert sitting somewhere else in the world and getting your problem solved?

It often occurs that while working on the computer, it hangs and leaves us wondering whether it is a hardware problem or a software problem. After finding themselves in such a situation, many people call up a computer expert or take the computer system to the nearest service center. There is another alternative to this- solution via remote connection. Windows and Mac both have a built-in remote assistance feature. Using this technique you can share your desktop or laptop with an expert located at faraway place and thus you can take their help to figure out the exact problem.

Windows PC
Windows XP has a built-in remote assistance feature. To enable this feature, go to control panel and click Systems. A window opens up, in which you have to click Remote tab. Then click Allow remote assistant invitation box.  Using a secure remote connection or via email invitation you can connect your system with the expert. Once remotely connected, the expert can view your desktop screen and can control your mouse. He/she can also chat with you in the remote assistant window. Practically, this process is very simple. What you have to remember is, in order to let the expert take control of your system, you have to click take control button in the security feature at the top of screen. Once the expert solves the problem completely, you can disconnect the remote assistant section and you can start using the computer.

Mac users can perform this procedure in two different ways. The first one and the simpler one is to use ichat or message. You just have to add the user to the chat list and begin chat with him/her. In the video menu click screen share enabled. Secondly, you can go to system preference and click sharing. Click screen sharing and click computer settings button. Read the Pop up window options and provide a password to reach your computer. The expert can connect to your computer with the help of this password. This method is also easy to use. However, the problem with it is that this method can only be used on a local network. If the expert is sitting at a different location, then you need to know how to configure your network devices (port forwarding).

With the help of Browser
Chrome remote desktop
Google chrome browser has a free Add on called as chrome remote desktop. It can be used to remotely control the computer. For this to work, Google chrome browser and the Add on should be installed on both the systems. It generates an authentication code on the host computer. This code needs to be entered on the remote computer in order to have a secure remote access.                                                                                             

Team viewer
This is a multi-platform software. It works on windows, Mac and Linux. It allows remote controlling, collaboration and file sharing between two connected computers. It can be downloaded for free for non-commercial purposes. You can also download android and iOS apps. It renders the remote connection secure with the help of 256 bit encryption. You can download it from

This software comes with a free version and also allows an unlimited connection to another computer along with a remote reboot option. It makes android apps available for remote access. It allows transfer of unlimited files between two connected computers. It is compatible with windows and Mac. You can download it from

This software provides many features along with remote control feature. It allows session recording, multi monitor support and pausing of the session. It is available as a 14 day trial version with free account. You can download it from

It provides a remote control feature for windows or Mac system from iOS or other computers. You can use the Log me in to arrange the computer in sleep mode. Its free version makes use of 256 bit encryption for remote connection but you cannot transfer files with it. However, you can search for files and view them. You can download the software from
This software helps you to access and control a computer remotely with the help of a web browser. For this, you need to download a small software on the remote PC which provides the access code. Using the access code, you can join anyone with the help of Then, via remote PC you can control, chat and make use of internet enabled voice call facility. This software can be downloaded from

On this website you can find detailed information about programs and functions usually used on PC and Mac. How to use a particular program has been explained with the help of a video on this website. You can send these videos to people who are not tech savvy.

On this website, PC and Mac functions have been explained in a simple language with the help of some tips and tricks. It gives a step by step procedure to explain the setup of new devices. If you are not very much conversant with technology, you can take help of this website.

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