Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Everybody wants to ensure the security and privacy of personal data on mobile phones or computers. In today’s world, there is an increased importance for Cryptology, that is, the art of keeping information secret.
In the digital world, there is one thing that is of utmost importance; and that is data. We use passwords in order to secure our data but hackers often manage to steal and misuse it. So in the domain of information technology, cryptology is used in order to ensure a secure give and take of data and to avoid hackers from accessing data. Although this technique has existed since World War II, its importance has increased a lot in today’s age of technology.

Difficult to understand
Crypto means secret language. Cryptology uses complex mathematical expressions and concepts from computer science to create a password in form of a complex pattern, which cannot be interpreted by an unauthorized person. Such secret messages, made up of a combination of words, numbers and signals may seem futile at superficial level, but actually encoding and decoding of these messages can only be done by experts.  
If your secret message is easy to understand, it can easily be interpreted and misused to steal your data. That is why an expertise in cryptology is essential. That is why companies employ experts from this field to ensure security of data.

What cryptography means
Cryptology is the art of reading secret messages using the knowledge of languages and the ability to interpret hidden messages. On the other hand, making use of traditional methods along with the scientific techniques to create a secret message is termed as cryptography. The study of this art is called as Cryptanalysis.

Data under vigilance!
Today, as we work on the internet, all data is available on the server. It is cryptology that helps us to secure this data from the hackers. Communication taking place between two people over the internet is also protected using cryptography. In this age of globalization, every company is keen to race ahead of its competitor. This results in the need to secure one’s own data and to obtain others’ crucial data. This involves use of cryptography too. Data is encrypted before sending or receiving. Files are encrypted using various techniques including cryptography software.

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