Saturday, 9 March 2013


By Ishant Gupta
There was a time when every mobile device came with a stylus. Now, the stylus isn’t popular anymore. However, there are some devices and apps that are making very good use of stylus.

Using stylus you can accomplish many creative tasks. From being used only in touchscreen devices before, stylus is now used with tablets as well as with smartphones.

Want to buy a stylus..
Your phone or tablet came without a stylus? No problem, you can always buy one separately. Capacitive screens do not work with regular plastic stylus. You have to buy a capacitive screen stylus which has a special foam tip. The tip of such a stylus is thick and is not very good for your handwriting or notes. However, you can use it for drawing, sketching and normal navigation.

About five years ago, no one could have thought of mobile phones working without a stylus. Be it a Windows phone or a Symbian or Palm, a stylus was used to get good interface control. Everyone was impressed with the style of stylus! But with time, stylus faded away.
In 2007, everything changed with the arrival of iPhone. Its capacitive touchscreen and interface was designed in such a way that it was easier to operate using fingers. Thus, fingers replaced the stylus.

Till some time, Nokia and Microsoft maintained their mobile phones stylus-friendly but after a while they too switched to capacitive touchscreen with Symbian 3 and Windows phone. But stylus has not disappeared completely and is in fact still favourite with those who like writing with hands rather than typing. Today, in the world of tablets, stylus is ready to awe you with its new form.
If you are not used to working with onscreen keyboard, using stylus can make your work easy. Do you know that stylus can be used fabulously with new devices and apps?

Stylus tips
-While writing, try to keep it simple and clear instead of making it stylish.
-You often have to patient. Most of the apps take time to recognize the matter you are writing. If you write faster you tend to make more mistakes.
-Keep the stylus tip and touchscreen surface clean. Scratch and dust can lead to errors in writing.
-Do not exert too much pressure while writing with stylus as it is not required. You can get clear writing.
-If you ever have to choose between heavy stylus and light weight stylus, always opt for the heavy one as it will make writing easier for you.
-The shape of the stylus matters too. The longer it is, the better it will be for writing as it will work like the usual pen and pencil.

Apps which work with stylus
Before iPhones were introduced, people used Graffiti in order to enjoy writing with stylus. In this app, a set of symbols are used to represent alphabet. A similar kind of handwriting recognition is available free for Android devices. It takes care of your keyboard problem. It works well with all apps that involve use of keyboard. But one of its major problems is its speed. It is slow on Android but works fine with Palm OS devices. If you want to buy it you can search for it on Android market.

You can get WritePad by paying 9.99 USD. It claims to have a state of art technique which memorizes your style of writing. Even though it is not 100% accurate, it has a good performance. This application gives an option to write anywhere on the screen. You can also write in any specific section if you want. You can even save your work in PDF form. Additionally, you can share your work on Twitter or Facebook. Alternatively, you can even send it to Google Docs. Another interesting point is that it corrects spelling mistakes. Apart from this, it lets you write in different fonts and provides options to cut, copy and paste text. You can buy this app from iTunes store or Android store.

If you prefer your own handwriting for writing notes, this app is made for you. It is a free app and its premium version costs 8.99 USD. If you are making important notes you can buy the premium version. Using this, you can write notes, and change them to text later. You can also add webpages and images to them. If you wish, you can also save your notes on Evernotes and Dropbox. You can also save your notes on Facebook and Twitter. It is available for iOS as well as Android. The recognition level is not as good as that of WritePad but nevertheless, the app is very useful. You can get it from iTunes store or from Android market.

It is created by makers of WritePad but it is an app with varied options. You can make notes in your handwriting, you can draw and also insert pictures. You can also add an audio clip. If you want to add typed text, the handwriting recognition feature opens an input area. It will change your handwriting to typed text. You can change the resulting text into a PDF, upload it on Google Docs and send it to Evernote too. However, it does not have the option to upload content on social networking websites. You can buy this app from iTunes app store for 4.99 USD.

MyScript Memo
Good handwriting recognition is a crucial factor for a good application. But most of the times you have to spend money for it. That is why MyScript, a free app, is considered as an amazing app. It provides the option to either save it safely or to change it to image or text. It works much efficiently compared to WritePad and 7notes. Using it you can create effects, insert images and upload the final work on Twitter, Facebook or Evernote. For buying this, go to iTunes app store.

Stylus with Tab
Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet
This 10.1 inch Android tablet comes with a tablet pen, which changes the handwriting to typed text. It has a fine tip for better writing.

HTC Flyer
Flyer is the first 7 inch tablet which came with a stylus. It has two buttons- first one is for highlighting and the other one, for erasing. You can use this stylus to write, highlight and draw.

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