Tuesday, 11 September 2012


By Ishant Gupta
Whether you are a regular user or brand new to your iPhone world, chances are you're probably not using your smartphone to its fullest.

Don't worry, you are not alone, as the pocket sized computer has hundreds of features hidden in operating system.

And so here we are sharing number of favorite iPhone tips and tricks, some of which you may know already. Hopefully there's a good number of ones you are not aware of yet. Most of these suggestions will work with all versions of the iPhone, but be sure to have the latest software (iOS 5.1) installed.

1.) Dry out a wet iPhone:- You are not the first one to drop an iPhone in a toilet or sink. If it happens, don't turn it on as it may cause short circuiting and you may lose your smart phone. Lightly towel dry the phone. Don't use a hair dryer to dry the phone as it can further push the moisture into the areas that are not wet.Submerge the iPhone in a bowl or ziploc bag of uncooked white rice and leave it overnight. If you have it, try using a desiccant packet you might find with a new pair of shoes or leather purse.

2.) Take a photo with your headphone cord:- You can use volume up or down buttons to snap a photo. Steady your hand while framing up the photo and when you are ready to take the snap, press the button on the cord and so it won't shake the iPhone.


3.) Take photo faster:- Even if your iPhone is locked, double-tap on home button and you will see a camera icon. You can tap it to open the camera immediately. Now you can use the volume up button to snap a photo, too. Also you can pinch the screen to zoom instead of using slider bar.

4.) Dismiss suggested words:- If you are typing any email or note and the virtual keyboard is suggesting the correct spelling of the word- and you don't want to accept it- you don't need to tap the tiny "X" at the end of the word in question. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to close the suggestion box.

5.) Get word definitions:- Apple has recently added a built in dictionary and you can access it in most of apps. Simply press and hold on a word- such as in an email, reminder, iBooks and so on - and you will see a pop up option for "Define."

6.) Use location-based reminder:- You probably know Siri can be used to set a reminder, like saying "Siri, remind me to call mom at 6pm today." But did you know you can set location based reminder on your iPhone 4S? Say "Remind me to call mom when I leave here" or "Remind me to call mom when I get home" and you'll be notified accordingly.

7.) Revive a frozen iPhone:- If your smartphone freezes and pressing the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device does not work, don't panic.Instead, press and hold the Home button and Sleep/Wake button at the same time. You will be prompted to swipe the "Slide to Power off" tab. This so is called "Hard reset" resuscitates the frozen iPhone. You will first need to wait for the full shut down and reset.

8.) Get more done in less time:- You can create shortcuts to words and phrases you use a lot, such as "World Health Organization." In Settings, go to General, then Keyboard, and select Add New Shortcut. Now you can add new words or phrases and assign shortcuts to them (such as "WHO," in the above example, and it'll type out the full word each time.

9.) See a 6-day weather forecast:- If you are a weather junkie, you probably know that Weather will be at the top in notification center. but did you know you can swipe to the left or right and you'll toggle between current conditions and a 6-day forecast? Plus, jump to the Weather app by tapping anywhere on the weather bar inside Notifications screen.

10.) Select URL domains faster:- When typing a website address in Safari, you don't need to type ".com." For example you can type "ishantgupta" in the URL box to get to "ishantgupta.com." On a related note, you can press and hold down the .com button and you will see a list of alternatives to choose, such as .net, .org and .edu.

11.) Make your own ringtone:- Don't need to settle with the ringtones provided by Apple and don't need to pay your carrier for more of them. The free Ringtone Maker app let you take a clip from your favorite song and make ringtone out of them in seconds.

12.) Feel and see when people call:- Apple has added a number of accessibility features to iOS 5, specifically designed to assist those with hearing, vision, mobility and other disabilities. For example, those who are hearing impaired might opt to have the LED flash when a call comes in. If you're seeing impaired, you could set a unique vibration pattern for different people in your Contacts, so you know who's calling.

13.) Find your lost iPhone:- As long as you sign up in advance, the free "Find My iPhone" app will help you to locate your device on a map (on your computer or other iOS device). You can display a message or initiate a loud ringtone (in case under the cushions or bed), or remotely lock or wipe its data.

14.) Save photos in Safari:- You are surfing the web in Safari and Stumble upon the photo you'd like to save. Simply press and hold on a photo when on a website and you will be prompted with a menu asked if you'd like to "Save Image." Once an image is saved, you can view it offline, email it or set as a wallpaper.

15.) Take an iPhone screen grab:- On a related note, if you want to take a snapshot of a website or application, press down on the Home button and tap the Sleep button. You'll hear a camera click, see a white flash and the screenshot will be saved to your Camera Roll.

16.) Get new Sounds:- Apple has added the ability to select custom tones for incoming text messages, new emails, voicemails, tweets, calendar alerts, reminders and more. You can select something you like from within the Sounds menu. You'll also notice you can scroll to the top of this list of sounds and you'll see a "Buy More Tones" option, which takes you to iTunes.

17.) Zip to the top of the page:- In Mail, Safari, Contacts and other apps, simply tap the status bar at the top of the screen — the area that displays time, battery and cell bars — to jump back to the top quickly.

18.) Prolong your battery:- You can save the battery by Turn down the brightness of your screen, turn off wireless radios you don't use (such as GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) and reduce the number of apps with info you have "pushed" to your phone. Also, make sure you lock it before putting in your pocket, purse or backpack or else it could turn on and drain the battery.

19.) Spread out the keyboard for easier typing:- Here's a tip for iPad users: If you like typing while holding the tablet, rather than stretch your fingers or thumbs for those middle letters like G, H, Y or B, you can drag the keyboard to each side of the screen to separate it into two, allowing you to easily type while holding it.

20.) Learn some gestures:- Close any app ridiculously fast by putting your four fingers and thumb stretched on the screen and pinch inwards. Sweet! You can also magnify what's on your iPhone screen with a three-finger tap. You'll first need to go to Settings, General, Accessibility, and select the various gestures options here.

21.) Create an "app" out of a website you visit often:- To add a website to your Home Screen just visit the webpage in Safari and at the top of the screen tap the Go To icon and select "Add to Home screen."

22.) Create a music playlist on the fly:- You no longer need a computer to create a playlist. In the Music app, tap Playlists, then select Add Playlist and give it a name ("Marc's Workout Mix"). Now, tap any song (or video) to add it to the playlist. You can add individual songs, entire albums, or all songs by a particular artist.

23.) Don't waste your day deleting messages individually:- You can delete unwanted emails en masse rather than deleting one at a time. In your Inbox, simply click the Edit button and check off the emails you want to delete with your finger and then choose Delete.

24.) Keep track of your texting limits:- If you don't have the best texting plan and don't want to unnecessarily pay to send more texts than you need, here's a tip to turn on the character count in the Messages app. Enable this in the Settings>Message option to keep an eye on your word count. Usually, your one text becomes two after 160 characters.

25.) Mirror your iPhone with your TV:- If you own an Apple TV, you can instantly and wirelessly share exactly what's on your iPhone 4S or second- and third-generation iPad with your HDTV, connected to an Apple TV — such as games, apps or videos. Simply double-tap the Home button, swipe all the way to the right and select AirPlay Mirroring.

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