Friday, 15 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
If you lose your mobile phone, you may also lose important data along with it. Many a times you may also need to buy a new device. At such times it is important to take a backup of your phone data.

One Media Hub
This is a free service. On one media hub, you get 500 MB cloud storage along with cross platform mobile and desktop applications facility. This contains address book, multimedia and supported files. With the help of these you can easily synchronize with all kinds of devices. You can set a mobile application that will enable automatic sync of data with the help of WIFI connection.

Phone copy
This is also a cross platform service. With the help of Phonecopy you can take a backup of your phone contacts, messages and calendar entries and sync them with all devices. This provides apps for all smartphones. It also works well with phones which have features that support the use of data connection to synchronize data. To access and edit the synced contacts, you will have to go to the following website

Sandisk Memory Zone
This is a multifaceted free app that works only on android phones. This sends your phone memory to memory card. With the help of this you can move your files from phone memory to memory card. This synchronizes your data with your favourite cloud service. For this you will have to sign into to drop box, Google docs, sugar sync or sky drive within the app itself. You need not get worried after doing this. To keep your data safe you can also use the password protection feature and become tension free.

Indefend Backup
This works only on android. This takes a backup of your text messages, call logs, phone book, calendar entries, internet history and settings on its online server. To access your entire backup of phone data from this server, you can download desktop agent from the following website and continue with your work easily.

Desktop Software
Many times the phone manufacturers themselves create software to sync the phone with the computer. This resolves many of your problems. Generally this software gives you an option to sync your phone either with Microsoft outlook or Windows contacts or address book. After this it exports your synced contacts in CSV or vcards format and then takes a backup.

Mobile Go
This merge comes with a duplicate feature and provides android phones with one click backup solutions. With the help of contact manager you can transfer contacts between Symbian, IOS and android phones. You can also import or export contacts from Microsoft outlook, Windows address book or Windows mail if you want. You can download this from This is very easy to use.

Copy trance contacts
This is available on windows computer only. This free software can help you take a backup of contacts from Iphones/Ipod touch or Ipad. If you want you can export the backup contacts to Gmail, Outlook or Icloud. With the help of desktop client you can easily view and organise your contacts. This facility makes it special. You can download this free software from the following website

Xili Soft
This works only for windows. This gives you a backup facility for contacts. With the help of these you can also store the backup on a Bluetooth device. This can take a backup of your text messages, calendar entries, Email and favourites. You can view, edit and organise your contacts, call logs and text messages on your PC. This is a complete solution to your backup problems. To download this you can go to

Apple ICloud
If you already have an ecosystem of Apple devices, (for IOS and Mac both) then with the help of Icloud you can sync your contacts between all Apple devices. After this you can easily reach your data on any device, by signing into with your Id.

Blackberry protect
This is a free application. You can access this application from With the help of this app you can take a backup of your entire data easily. If you lose your device, you can remotely wipe the data so that it is not misused. Also if you want to change the device you can easily transfer the data onto to your new device.

Google Sync
Google can create a backup of data on all your android devices. You will have to open an account for this and sync it. You can then check whether your device is wholly synced with your Gmail account. If not then you will have to sync it first. For other devices you can go to

Samsung Account
Samsung occupies around 35% share in the global smart phone market. If you have a Samsung phone, you will have to create a Samsung account and synchronize it. This will then create a backup of all your data. Now if you lose your phone you need not worry about losing your data as you will still be able to access it.

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