Tuesday, 15 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
There was a time when 3D movies and images were very popular, but thanks to technological advancements, 3D mapping and 3D sound are the new concepts in entertainment today.

Technology is evolving at a very fast rate, where 3D movies and images were the talk of the town at some point. But now, 3D sound and 3D mapping are turning out to be the new show stealers.

Influence of 3D mapping
How would you feel to see your favourite things in multiple colours and designs? With this new technique of projection called as 3D mapping, one can create amazing visual effects and before you know it, you are transported into a new world altogether. 3D mapping consists of projecting video on a 3D layer and with the help of special softwares the image is projected on irregularly shaped objects. The interesting part of it is that, in order to experience the effects of 3D mapping you do not have wear 3D glasses, but can experience it in form of illusion created by lights. 3D mapping technique is rapidly becoming very popular in India. Although 3D mapping takes time to create, the effect it creates is magical. On a smaller level, 3D mapping can be executed using a projector and a laptop. For bigger events, theme based 3D mapping is used to create special visual effects for the audience.

Impact of 3D sound
Sound plays a pivotal role in the movies screened at movie theaters nowadays. That is one of the reasons why mono sound seems to have been replaced by digital sound.  In this, 3, 5 or 7 speakers and sound woofer are used to project and hear sound in all directions. Now, the 3D sound technique used brings out the intricacies of every scene. The 3D sound technology Atmos has been presented by Dolby. This technology involves use of 64 types of speakers. Every speaker projects sound in accordance to the scene and in specific direction. So, suppose in the movie, you see a plane flying up from the front, you will also hear the sound coming from above your head.  In this way, you can enjoy the sound in 3D perspective along with the image.  Theaters will be changed to adapt to this technique. This trend, which is still new in India, is gradually being accepted by theaters  Similarly, movies are also being launched with the Atmos technology. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it will mark the beginning of 3D in the world of sound. After theaters world over adapting to this technique, theaters in India are warming up to the idea and are showing a preference for it.  As the world of technology is expanding, it would not come by as a surprise if, one day, we hear 3D sound being played in homes.

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