Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Paid applications are very costly at launching time and after some time the prices come down. Let see how can you check the sells and offers on these applications.
search best applications
Some times you don't use the apps because you do not have the complete knowledge about them. These website will help you to solve this problem.

1. appbrain.com
Appbrain is used as an alternative of Google Play store for the people who use android. Some extra features are added in appbrain. In appbrain, apps are divided in different classes and provided some ranks. By the help of appbrain you can find the apps, whose prices have fallen. You have to choose an app category, so that you can do browsing. You can choose "Price Reduce Filter" from Menu.
2. appsales
It is a free application. By appsales you can see 'Discounted Applications' along with apps rating. You can compare old and new prices and no. of downloads. You can set filter also. You can set minimum and maximum discount, App. rating and no. of categories. A special feature exists to check the apps. To reduce data cost you can set manually interval, so that after a fixed interval it will give information of new updates and discounts.
3. apps on sale 2
appsales does not support advertisement, whereas apps on sale 2 is an ad supported. In the interface of apps on sale 2 there are Tabs. Where discounted apps are shown on the basis of date, user rating and no. of downloads. Listing of app shows the % of discount, present price and the date of change of price. You can create your own wishlist for the app.

Deal on Mac OSX app:-
You can search and download apps for your Mac very easily. For this you should thanks to OSX App Store. You can check the website www.appbuzzer.com to watch out the apps. It gives information about the paid apps published on the starting of the week. Special bundle cell is available here, where you can buy the selection of apps in discounted rates. Another way is to install "Apps on Sale Light" app  from Mac app store. Its interface is like Mac app store, but it shows only the apps with price changes instead all apps. You can check apps by single page or categories-wise. You can opt the facility to get information of free apps.

1. padgadget.com
It keeps you updated about ios apps completely. Padgadget publishes a list and a newsletter of free apps and discounted apps daily. It provide links to download the apps directly.
2. appshopper.com
Appshopper is a free application. In this we can check discounted apps category-wise. In appshopper we can check for the new apps and popular app in particular category. By selecting any app you can check the discount in price, screenshots and ratings.
3. appsfire
It provide you to select your particular category instead showing all apps included in offer. You can select the category with latest free applications, popular free apps and discounted apps.

1. apptastic
Apptastic is a free application. It works very perfectly. With the help of this application you can find any app in the wide windows market place. Using filter you can search the apps with fix price section. You can search the latest discounted apps. You can choose apps from "Apps on Sale" and "Apps Now Free" sections.
2. WP7applist
It is a free application with good rating. It is known as the store of the important apps available in windows market place. It has its own Live Tile. If you set this tile on your home screen, its icon updates in every hour by present windows phone 7 market place app count. You can find the no. of updates and new app releases in last 24 hour.

app stalker
App stalker is a free application. You can get the information about free apps and latest discounted apps in different-different menus. It looks like the app world menu of Blackberry. It notifies you by message and notification bar for new free apps. It shows the rating, original price, discounted price and the date of starting of app selling.
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Monday, 27 August 2012


If you have an iOS device and planning to buy new one, you can share your data and apps with new iOS device. By doing so you can save your data on new device and can share interesting things with your friends. Let's see the method.
If you are buying a new iOS device:-
If you are buying a new iOS device, you have to backup your data and apps.
First of all connect your device with your computer and launch iTunes. Right click on device's name and select "Synchronize Now" option.
Again right click on the device name and choose "Backup". By doing so you can save the Settings, Messages, Photos, Saved Games of the device. In this backup music, videos and apps are not included.
After taking the backup from old device, disconnect it and connect the new device. It will ask for the setup by iCloud or iTunes. Choose the iTunes.

After installing the drivers in new device, iTunes will ask for the option to "Restore" by Setup or Backup like new device. Choose Restore. Latest backup is then chosen automatically.
When data is restored, Synchronize the device again for music, videos and apps. By first synchronization it is cleared that the device is updated by the purchase / downloads.
If you are planning to buy an extra device then.........
You should synchronize apps and data in both old and new iOS devices.
1. First of all you have to connect the new iOS device and Setup by the above technique. By this your apps and data will start working on both devices.
2. You have to enable the iCloud on your all devices. For this go to Settings --> iCloud --> Storage and Backup. Choose the service which you want to synchronize with another device.
3. Every time when you will charge the iOS device and it will be in a Wi-Fi range, it will backup the device in iCloud automatically. You can create manual backup. For this go to Settings --> iCloud --> Storage and Backup.
4. Choose Settings --> Store, and turn on "Automatic Downloads" for App and Book. By it all new apps will synchronize on all devices automatically.
Decide the Rules:-
If you are sharing the data of device with other members in family, then click on Settings --> General --> "Restriction to prevent others from installing" or " Deleting Apps" and "Prevent in App purchase". By it you can take all rights in your hand. When you buy anything, a window opens after 15 mins. At this time if you buy another thing, you don't need to enter by the Apple password again. On restriction page you can set password for the individual page. Important thing is that, if you do not take backup and follows these steps, you can lost your data.
Sharing of Apps.:-
If you want, you can share apps with your friends and family members. If you are going to do this, first of all backup your data and apps. Open the app store on the device on which you want to share and sign out from current account. Now sign in with your own account and click on "My Apps". Now you can download your paid apps free from here. By this all old apps will stop working of that device. To make run all apps again you have to restore the device on factory settings using iTunes and pickup the whole data from backup.
Gift the Apps.:-
You can gift any paid app to anyone without deduction of his/her money from their account. For this open the App store and search the app. You will find here a link "Gift the App". Click on it and sign in the account. Click on the next and enter the receiver's email id. It is not necessary that this email id will be connected to the apple id of that person. The amount will be deducted from your account. An email containing the download link will be sent to the receiver's email id.

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