Friday, 28 December 2012


By Ishant Gupta
Difference between net and web
‘Necessity is the mother of invention’- this proverb has been the inspiration behind many technological developments. Net, or internet as we see it today, was used for the first time by US military during the Cold War. Internet was developed by US as an answer to Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite. In the US, private, commercial and government-owned computers were connected together to facilitate real-time sharing of information packets. Information was packed with help of high-speed optical fibres, satellite and cables. Surprisingly enough, though all computers in the US were connected in a network, internet was not publically used. We often wonder what internet and web actually are.
For understanding it better, we can consider Net as a network of computers- while Web is a treasure of electronic documents.  Web is such a collection of documents that can be found from anywhere in the world, with help of a web browser. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google chrome are examples of web browsers. Using these web browsers, we can perform any type of search on the web. Web designers encode the web pages in a specific language. It is called as HTML. HTML is combined with HTTP (Hypertext Text Transfer Protocol) in order to send information anywhere, anytime via internet.
Earlier, web pages only stored information but nowadays, in just a click we can access audio or video clips, images and so on.

How internet works

1. You have to type in a web address while searching using web browser such as Google. This web address automatically changes to internet protocol (IP) after which it advances further via Internet Service Providers (ISP). Every country has its own ISP network which is connected to a group of large computer network. It is also known as Internet backbone.

2.  To ensure availability of internet everywhere, Internet backbone is connected with fibre optical lines and satellites links by laying cables under the sea.

3. IP address reaches Domain Name Server (DNS) with the help of ISP. DNS uses its ISP database in order to recognize the host server of the information in question.

4. This process of obtaining data from internet happens in the blink of an eye. Internet service can be availed through a phone line modem, a digital subscriber line or even a data card. Now the vast ocean of information is just one click away.

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