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By Ishant Gupta
An endeavour to understand the Mobile phone technology
Do you often get confused because of the technical terms while reading reviews of mobile phones? We present to you important vocabulary and crucial information related to the mobile phones.

Today, the market is rife with various shapes and materials for display of phones. Each company boasts of its superiority over others in mobile phone displays.

Related words
AMOLED, LCD, Super LCD, PPI, Clear Black 

Useful tips
Screen with a large display looks good, but it cuts down the battery life. Decide your budget and accordingly choose a phone with good screen resolution. However, just check beforehand whether the apps you are going to use on the mobile phone work well with the phone’s resolution. Instead of weighing the features of AMOLED and LCD, choose a display that suits you the best. Generally, AMOLED produces bright and deep colours, while LCD displays the text in a clear manner.

Operating system/platform
The operating system is a software that allows the phone to work. It allows simple functions like calling and texting as well as complex tasks like mailing and web browsing. As we have operating systems like Mac and Windows on computer, similarly we have them in mobile phones too.

Related words
Android, iOS, Windows phone, Symbian, BlackBerry OS

Useful tips
Most operating systems offer similar functions and features like email, social networking connectivity and support facilities like calling and texting. The operating systems like iOS, Windows phone and android have a tile or icon based interface. They do not use menu system much. Symbian and BlackBerry still use menu based system. You surely have a range of options to choose from, but choose an operating system which is updated regularly and which gives a scope for addition of new features. Also make sure that the apps that you need to use frequently are compatible with the platform.

With the help of RAM, you can run many applications and background tasks simultaneously.

Related Words
256 Megabytes (MB), 512 MB, 768 MB, 1 GB (Gigabyte), 2 GB

Useful Tips
Some operating systems require more RAM to run smoothly, whereas some can function with less RAM. The latest android devices have 1GB RAM. On the other hand, most Windows phones run on 512 MB RAM only. Many Symbian devices have a 256 MB RAM only. It should be noted however, that the performance of the device depends more on the operating system than the RAM.

There was a time when having an in-built camera in a mobile phone was considered a luxury, but with smartphones, it has become a necessity.

Related Words
3.2/5/8/12/41 Megapixel, Auto focus, Shooting modes, HD video, LED, Xenon flash

Useful Tips
Various features like lens quality, camera software, auto focus and different scene settings have transformed the world of cameras. If you are buying a smartphone with the objective of clicking a lot of pictures, you should opt for a phone with the following features: auto focus/touch focus, xenon flash, face detection, macro mode and red eye reduction. A phone with a 5 Megapixel camera can be a good buy for you.

The battery is consumed while using many features of the mobile phone.

The power of battery is expressed in terms of mAh or milliampere/hour. It is the battery that determines the duration for which your mobile phone will work once charged fully. The bigger the size of the phone, the bigger is the battery.

Related Words
Li-Ion / Lithium-ion, mAh

Useful Tips
If your phone contains more mAh, it gives more backup. The operating systems like Symbian and BlackBerry provide better battey life than android or iOS. There is not much difference between removable and non-removable battery. If you are using a removable battery and if problem occurs with the charging of battery, you can just change the battery instead of changing the phone.

Nowadays wired and wireless technology is used to connect a mobile phone with other phones or tablet.

Related Words
USB On-The-Go, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Useful Tips
Usually you cannot send or receive files via buletooth on iOS and Windows phone devices. Often you need accessories for connectivity. They can include HDMI cables or USB On-The-Go adaptors.

Applications or apps are small softwares that help us in carrying out different tasks. You can use them for web browsing, playing games and so on.

Related Words
Apps, applications, App store, Marketplace, Developers

Useful Tips
If you wish to download apps to your mobile device, go to the apps store and find out whether your favourite apps are available. Most app stores have updated list. Also, you should keep a watch on new apps on the apps store.

You can have internet connectivity through the data service provided by the local operator.

Related Words

Useful Tips
Ensure whether you have access to the form of network that your device supports. For instance, the latest iPad does not support the 4G network in India. A slow GPRS/EDGE connection can suffice for web browsing and emailing purposes.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta Source: BBC News

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Sometimes you get an intuition that your computer has been used by someone or there has been an attempt to login into your system in your absence. You also suspect that your colleague might have tried a few times to get through your password and failed.
It would be good in such cases to get a notification or alert if something like this happens. But how can you get notified.

A new website (made in Turkey) called provides a simple solution here. This website sends you an email alert as well as a picture of the intruder as soon as someone tries to use your computer.

Here’s how it works.
You sign-in with your Google Account (they’ll send the alert to your Gmail address) and then select a secret pin on the screen. Put your mouse cursor in a designated area on the Mouse Lock website and leave the machine.

If somebody now tries to scroll the mouse, he will have to enter the original PIN. If the intruder fails to do it in few seconds then the software will send you an email alert and if possible a photo if your webcam is on.

The software may not be able to prevent the intrusion but atleast helps to notify you in time. Also since this is a web application it does not require any kind of installation.

Internally, the site uses jQuery (mouseLeaveEvent) to detect mouse movements while the webcam photographs are captured using the getUserMedia() API currently supported in Chrome and Firefox. The only bug in this application is that alerts may be sent even when any of the keys are pressed. This makes it difficult to lock the computer after the monitor is set.

Thursday, 21 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Has it ever happened that you switched your phone to silent mode as you were in a meeting and then came back home and kept the mobile somewhere? And when you actually needed it you couldn’t find it anywhere? If it was in ringer mode, then you could have easily found it by calling your number. But as it is in silent mode, you can’t even do that. If you have an android phone, you can resolve this problem with the help of a special app. By using this app- Agastya, you can use any other mobile phone to send a message to your android phone and control it.  It means that you can switch your mobile to ringer mode from silent mode or vice-versa. If you wish, you can even find out the IMEI number of your mobile phone.

This is how you can control a phone
Firstly, you have to download the free app from this website:

The workflow of this app is quite simple. Using this app, if you send a message from any other mobile phone to your phone, typing ‘ringer’ or ‘silent’ or any other message, it will change the settings of the phone accordingly. Some other commands include ‘last messages’, ‘last calls’ and ‘contacts’.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
The social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and email websites require a username as well as a password in order to log in. If you use the same password for all the websites, it can prove more risky in case if an account is hacked. On the other hand, if you assign different passwords for all websites, you have an additional task to remember them all. So, the problem remains as we either have to save all passwords in a file or resort to Forgot password option to recover password every time we forget it. There are a few websites that can help you in such a situation. One of such websites, Password chameleon, helps you to assign a different password for every website account and so you have to memorize only one master password.

Here is how to obtain a unique password
Follow this link –

You will be asked for a secret password and the website address. As you enter the secret password (Master password) and website address and click on Get password you will obtain a unique password for the website.  You can assign this as a password for that particular website. This is completely secure, as this website does not store your password.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Do you think your smartphone is just an ordinary phone? If yes then you are in for a big surprise because your phone is actually a powerful minicomputer that happens to make calls. 

This is because the amount of sensitive data many of us store on our phones is truly huge. A smartphone provides us direct access to our savings and current accounts. It also stores our passwords to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and our email accounts. The phone numbers and email addresses of all our friends and colleagues are easy to find in our contacts directory.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if our phone goes into the wrong hands. Any data could be misused. And it probably isn’t especially hard to steal. Any security system is only as good as its weakest link, and humans are the weakest link of all. Despite our best intentions, how many of us have been careless enough to lose our phones — or come dangerously close to leaving them — in the backseat of a taxi, sitting on top of the toilet paper dispenser at our favorite restaurant, in the seatpocket of an airliner, on the bar of a tavern, by the hotel pool, or on a conference table after a meeting?

Your phone could be hacked or compromised by a virus while you are doing online banking — or browsing the Internet at your favorite Starbucks, at the airport, in a hotel lobby, or sitting at a table waiting for your date to arrive.

If you’ve taken the right steps to protect yourself, losing your phone will be aminor loss. But if you’ve failed to safeguard your phone with a password or taken a backup of all your data or installed a program that can wipe the phone’s data remotely then you are in for a very big catastrophe.

To help you prepare your defenses, here are the 10 dumbest things that people do (or fail to do) with their smartphones.

1) No password protection
If you could “lock” your wallet, wouldn’t you? Well, why don’t more people lock their iPhone or Android phone? While it is nowhere CLOSE to being foolproof, a phone password works like the theory of the burglar and the dog: If you take that extra step to protect yourself, most bad guys will simply move on to an easier target. It’s a lot easier for a thief to steal a smartphone with no password than it is to work on cracking your phone.

2) Shop online with an Internet browser instead of a shopping app.
If you have the choice between shopping at using your phone’s browser versus Amazon’s app, use the app! Same applies for eBay, Overstock, and any big retailer that gives you the option of using their app. Unlike browsers, dedicated shopping apps are designed to ward off phishing and other kinds of scams. (Caution: Before you download it, just make sure it’s really their official app!)

3) Remain logged into banking, PayPal, eBay, and other sensitive apps.- Major Blunder
Would you keep your Macy’s credit card, Wells Fargo debit card or AmEx on top of your desk at work? How about the front seat of your car? I think not. Then why do you keep your phone permanently logged into those same accounts? When you finish banking or shopping, make sure to log out. And NEVER click the box asking the app to save your user ID or password. Yes, it’s a pain in the neck to log in every time but it’s definitely safer. We all unfortunately tend to value convenience over security. But if a thief gets a hold of a phone that is already logged into sensitive accounts — and especially if that phone has no password — it could spell financial disaster. And remember, turning offyour devices every now and then can be a good idea.

4) Automatically connect to any available WIFI connections
Whether you are using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, switch off the feature that connects to nearby WIFI networks automatically. Otherwise, hackers with the right software can easily hack your phone, as security experts have warned us for more than a decade.

5) Leave Bluetooth connections open
Bluejacking, Bluesnarfing, Bluebugging. These are all words that describe a hacker exploiting the open Bluetooth connection on your phone. Though this type of hacking requires the intruder to be relatively close to you, (less than 30 feet away) the intrusion can occur undetected at any busy airport, hotel lobby, restaurant, or at a conference.

6) Fail to properly purge data from old smartphones
This is a very common mistake. Many people fail to remove sensitive and personal data from their smartphone before putting it out of service or donating it or selling it.Physically shredding your device is the only foolproof way to delete all your data in an irretrievable manner). Deleting data before getting rid of your phone is pure common sense.

7) Download “free” apps that aren’t actually free
Some Apps that call themselves “free” are actually little more than thinly-disguised data thieves. Downloading such apps gives it complete access to your phone, which can be used by a fraudster to steal your credit card or bank account info. Such apps also can turn your phone into a launch pad from which scammers can attack other peoples’ phones with SMS texts and phishing scams. Be smart and discreet about what you download. Read the reviews first, and make sure the apps you download come from reputable sources.

8) Storing sensitive data on phones
Many people store passwords, pins, Social Security numbers, credit card or bank account information on smartphones. It may be a document created expressly for this purpose, or it could bean email they mail themselves from their computers. It’s very easy for thieves to find downloaded documents or emails on smart phones especially if the phone is not password protected. Some people even label the document or email “passwords,” making them especially easy prey for hackers and scammers. Make sure to delete all documents and emails containing sensitive information from your phone.

9) Failing to clear browser history
Not clearing the browser history on your phone can be just as dangerous as staying logged into the website of your bank or your favorite store (see mistake #3). By retracing your steps, a phone thief can use your history to hijack your accounts, steal your money and create havoc.

10) No remote wiping software
Various apps and services enable you to locate your phone, and also wipe its data clean, if it’s lost or stolen. Tech-savvy hackers may be able to disengage these applications, but it’s just one more layer of protection you can use to reduce your risks if you ever lose your phone.
It doesn’t matter how many anti-identity theft laws we pass, or how vigorously these laws are enforced. The real guardian of the consumer is the consumer himself. Your identity is your asset. It is for you to vigorously defend and protect it. You can take major steps toward protecting yourself by avoiding these stupid smartphone mistakes.

Monday, 18 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
If you are one of the people who need to book tickets under ‘Tatkal’ category on the Indian Railways (IRCTC) website often, here is some useful information for you. Under ‘Tatkal’ category the tickets are sold on first come first served basis. The booking opens at 8 am sharp and all tickets are sold out within minutes. For booking under this category you need to fill up a form with lot of information and so by the time you submit the form, the booking is already full. A new tool has been developed taking into consideration this problem. With this tool, called as Magic Autofill you can fill in all your details in another form before the railway booking time starts. Then with just one click, all the details will be filled on the IRCTC form.

How to use Magic Autofill
Go to the below given link-

On this website you will find a form identical to the IRCTC form. You can fill this form prior to the booking time, that is, before 8 am. After you finish filling the form, click I am feeling lucky button. You will get the Magic Autofill option.  Drag it and save it as a bookmark. As soon as the booking starts on the railways website, open the form and click the bookmarked link. As a result, all the details will be filled up in the IRCTC form.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
A passport size photo is often required when you apply for a job. If you are applying for a job offline, you can use a photograph clicked in a photo studio. However, if you are applying online, you need to have a scanned copy of the photograph. There are few websites which can be helpful in such a situation. They can help you to get a standard passport size photo from any of your photographs. And that too without having to use any photo editing software.

How to do this
You will find a special tool on this website:

Once you land on this website, you will have to first choose ‘Country’ when prompted for the country name option. And this is important because every country follows a different size parameter. Then choose the desired photo from your computer or from any social networking website. Then you will get the selection area for the photo. As you select the photo and click on it, a passport size photograph will be ready!

Friday, 15 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
If you lose your mobile phone, you may also lose important data along with it. Many a times you may also need to buy a new device. At such times it is important to take a backup of your phone data.

One Media Hub
This is a free service. On one media hub, you get 500 MB cloud storage along with cross platform mobile and desktop applications facility. This contains address book, multimedia and supported files. With the help of these you can easily synchronize with all kinds of devices. You can set a mobile application that will enable automatic sync of data with the help of WIFI connection.

Phone copy
This is also a cross platform service. With the help of Phonecopy you can take a backup of your phone contacts, messages and calendar entries and sync them with all devices. This provides apps for all smartphones. It also works well with phones which have features that support the use of data connection to synchronize data. To access and edit the synced contacts, you will have to go to the following website

Sandisk Memory Zone
This is a multifaceted free app that works only on android phones. This sends your phone memory to memory card. With the help of this you can move your files from phone memory to memory card. This synchronizes your data with your favourite cloud service. For this you will have to sign into to drop box, Google docs, sugar sync or sky drive within the app itself. You need not get worried after doing this. To keep your data safe you can also use the password protection feature and become tension free.

Indefend Backup
This works only on android. This takes a backup of your text messages, call logs, phone book, calendar entries, internet history and settings on its online server. To access your entire backup of phone data from this server, you can download desktop agent from the following website and continue with your work easily.

Desktop Software
Many times the phone manufacturers themselves create software to sync the phone with the computer. This resolves many of your problems. Generally this software gives you an option to sync your phone either with Microsoft outlook or Windows contacts or address book. After this it exports your synced contacts in CSV or vcards format and then takes a backup.

Mobile Go
This merge comes with a duplicate feature and provides android phones with one click backup solutions. With the help of contact manager you can transfer contacts between Symbian, IOS and android phones. You can also import or export contacts from Microsoft outlook, Windows address book or Windows mail if you want. You can download this from This is very easy to use.

Copy trance contacts
This is available on windows computer only. This free software can help you take a backup of contacts from Iphones/Ipod touch or Ipad. If you want you can export the backup contacts to Gmail, Outlook or Icloud. With the help of desktop client you can easily view and organise your contacts. This facility makes it special. You can download this free software from the following website

Xili Soft
This works only for windows. This gives you a backup facility for contacts. With the help of these you can also store the backup on a Bluetooth device. This can take a backup of your text messages, calendar entries, Email and favourites. You can view, edit and organise your contacts, call logs and text messages on your PC. This is a complete solution to your backup problems. To download this you can go to

Apple ICloud
If you already have an ecosystem of Apple devices, (for IOS and Mac both) then with the help of Icloud you can sync your contacts between all Apple devices. After this you can easily reach your data on any device, by signing into with your Id.

Blackberry protect
This is a free application. You can access this application from With the help of this app you can take a backup of your entire data easily. If you lose your device, you can remotely wipe the data so that it is not misused. Also if you want to change the device you can easily transfer the data onto to your new device.

Google Sync
Google can create a backup of data on all your android devices. You will have to open an account for this and sync it. You can then check whether your device is wholly synced with your Gmail account. If not then you will have to sync it first. For other devices you can go to

Samsung Account
Samsung occupies around 35% share in the global smart phone market. If you have a Samsung phone, you will have to create a Samsung account and synchronize it. This will then create a backup of all your data. Now if you lose your phone you need not worry about losing your data as you will still be able to access it.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
To search for a pen and a paper first while taking down urgent notes and later wasting time to search for those notes is very frustrating. Android devices bring you a variety of note taking apps which keep your notes and memos safe and handy. Here are a few apps that do  a lot more than just save your notes and memos. These five best-known apps are freely available on Google Play.
1.       Evernote
2.       Springpad
3.       Catch
4.       ColorNote
5.       MobisleNotes

This is the best note-taking app for android. This amazing app allows you to compose a note, voice-record it, take a snapshot, or attach multimedia content from your device to your notes and tag it with location. You can also organize your notes with tags, share them and access them on any device online.
With Evernote browser addon, you can clip selected text and images from the web and share your notes with friends or colleagues directly from the app.

Springpad is not just a note-taking app. You can save all that you love on the web and organize them with this app. From clipping articles from the web to recording voice memos, it is a fun app to use on your Android device. You can save articles and pictures from your web browser with a click just as in Evernote.

Catch Notes helps you save ideas for future use. It has a lovely interface with options to distinguish your notes and also color them. Features include creating checklists, adding images to your notes, creating voice notes and keeping reminders. Catch helps you to collaborate with friends by sharing your notes and ideas.

This app has a regular notebook interface. ColorNote makes it simple to take notes and edit them. With colornote you can write your notes, memos, to-do lists and shopping lists and set reminders to make your life smooth. ColorNote comes with a calendar to which you can directly add memos.
You can also use ColorNote widgets to place important notes on your device’s home-screen.

MobileNotes is another app with simple notebook interface. If you do not want note-taking to be another task, go for this app. You can write your tasks and check them off when the tasks get completed.

Saturday, 9 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
While working on your computer, you might often need to open a particular folder repetitively. And you might have to follow a long path just to get to that folder.
If you wish, you can go to the required folder from taskbar itself.
  1. Firstly, you have to right-click on the Taskbar which is located at the bottom on the Desktop.
  2. In the window that opens up, you will see the Tools option right on top.
  3. Click New Toolbar.
  4. Then, you have to choose the folder that you want to bring to the Taskbar.
Once you do this, you will see that the folder now appears on the Taskbar. Now, by just clicking on this folder you can access your required files. If you wish to remove this folder from the Taskbar, click on Toolbar and just clear the checkbox corresponding to that folder.

Friday, 8 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta

When you upload a video on YouTube, you can also have your branding on it. You can not only put a logo on it but also give it a watermark effect. Also, you do not have to edit the original video clip. You will see this logo throughout the video just as you see the logo of a TV channel while a program is running on it. There are quite a few softwares available that help you to attach a logo to the video but they do not work on an already uploaded video. A new YouTube feature lets you add a logo to an uploaded video too.

How to add your logo to the uploaded video
Go to this link :
Here you will come across a video that provides information on YouTube’s new InVideo programming feature. This 6 minute video shows you how in future, you can enhance your YouTube video watching experience. This video also explains the technique to add logo to your video.

Thursday, 7 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta

We use Windows search program in order to look for any file or folder saved on computer’s hard drive. Normally, you can search for a file or folder by typing its name in the search column. But what if you do not remember the name of the file or folder? Well, if you enhance the Windows search, it will be easier to find any file or folder. Let’s get to know some parameters that can help us to make Windows search more enhanced.

How to go about it
  • If you remember the file extension (for example, ppt, pdf, jpg, mp3, doc), use it as a parameter in your search – ext: ppt or ext: pdf or ext: doc.
  • If you want to search as per the date when the file was saved, use this parameter – date: 01-11-2012..02-12-2012.
  • If you want to search for file after a particular date and with a particular extension, use this parameter – kind:pictures date: >23-11-2012.
  • If you want to search for a large sized file, then select the size parameter – size:500MB..800MB.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Many a times we have beautiful pictures of some locations saved on our mobile phones or computers but we do not know where these wonderful places actually are! This also happens with some pictures found in emails we receive.
A special image feature by Google helps you to uncover the mystery behind such beautiful pictures. This feature is actually based on ‘similar image’ concept, considering the millions and millions of images available on the internet. And it often pinpoints the location perfectly!

Here is how you can go about it
Go to the image search link of Google:
You will notice a camera-like icon at the end of the search bar. Click the icon. If you want to search with the internet URL you can type the URL of the image here. Click Search. If you want to find out the physical location of an image that is saved on your computer, click on Upload an image. Thus you will have the option to select the image from the computer drive. As soon as you click the required image it will be uploaded on the website and it will indicate the physical location of the image.

Saturday, 2 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
The file hosting services like Dropbox and Google Drive on the internet have made file sharing easier with friends and fans all over the world. With the help of shared folders you can easily share your folders with people. As you upload a file to a shared folder, it becomes accessible to the people with whom you have shared the folder. However, the problem is that when you update your folder, the update notification does not reach everyone as people who are not very tech savvy do not check their Google Drive or Dropbox very frequently. To resolve this problem, ibeam website has developed a tool.

How to make file sharing easy
Log on to this website:
Here you can connect any Google Drive or Dropbox folder to this website. Once the folder is connected to the tool, your friends will be notified about any updates to the folder via an email. It also provides an option to download the updated files since they are also available as email attachments. Using this free service, updated files of upto 25 MB can be sent as email attachments. In this way, the files in the shared folder can easily reach your friends via emails.

Friday, 1 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta

Sometimes you must have felt the need to block certain websites. For doing this, go to My Computer, then go to C drive. Go to Windows folder. Click System 32. Then, go to Drivers folder and then go to etc and click hosts. Open it with notepad. At the very end, you will find the following: localhost.
Press Enter after these words and on the next line, type Then, click Spacebar button and then type the name of the website to be blocked. Then save this file. Delete the internet browser history. Now, if you try to open the website, it will not open. Similarly, if you want to block another website you can type the name of that website on the next line in the file. If you want to be able to open a website again, delete the corresponding entry from the hosts file. Then you will be able to access the website again.

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