Wednesday, 30 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Do you often feel like sharing some action happening on your computer screen with your friends? For instance, you want to let your friends know of your high score in a game, or you may want to teach a friend how to use a software.  Now, the best way to do this is to shoot a video and then share it via email or YouTube! Well, it seems like a tedious activity at first, but it is not! You do not even need to download any software for this. You just have to log on to one of the websites below and you can get the work done.

Creating a video from the screenshot
In order to do this, just log on to one of these websites:

If you have Java installed on your computer, you just have to create a free account on the website. Then you can create a screen video of over 15 minutes. These videos are easily shareable too.

Monday, 28 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
As you become more and more internet savvy and as you get time to spare, you can earn some money using the internet. Let’s talk about some of the ways of doing this.

Publish your book
If you are passionate about writing and wish to get your own work published, the internet can assist you. Amazon offers a free service for this purpose, known as Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish your work on Kindle (electronic) book store and avail royalty on the sale of copies of your book. There are two options available for Royalty: As per the first option, you get 35 percent royalty and your book can be sold in any country. As per the second option, you receive 70 percent royalty on sale and the book can be sold in few select countries. The Indian writers can set the rate for Indian bookstore and can receive royalty in form of Indian rupees.

Create and sell your own apps
There is a constant increase in the number of people using smartphones and tablets these days. Considering this fact, developing an application can be a good business option. If you can develop apps of you own, you have the option of selling them online. And if you cannot develop an app, do not worry. There are many websites on the internet that teach you how to develop apps. It is not a very difficult task. What is more difficult is, thinking of an innovative idea for an app. And for doing so, knowing the market demand is important. This is a very creative activity. Once you are done creating an application, submit it to the play store. Then, you determine the price of your app and decide whether you want in-app advertisements. After deducting the determined fee charges, you receive your monthly payment. And then, your app is added to the app store.

Sell photographs online
Many stock websites like, and host photographs submitted by their members. You can earn between 15 to 85 percent royalty from the sale of these photos as per the website policies. The better the quality of the photos, the more you can expect to earn. The website first evaluates the photographs you wish to upload and determines their salability. The photographs selected by the website can then be uploaded.

Open an online shop
If you are creative person, you can learn to make handicrafts or buy unique artifacts from a wholesale dealer at lower rates, and then set up your own online shop.  Firstly, collect commodities for your online shop and then sell them by logging on to and These websites have a simple sign up procedure. Once you get verified as a seller on the website, the step by step wizard helps you through the online store setup procedure. You also get information about adding a description for your product.

Earn by becoming a tutor
If you have expertise in any particular skill and have experience in teaching that skill, log on to or and become a tutor. You have to first sign up as an online tutor on these websites. Then create a tutor profile to include information like what is your skill set, what age group do you want to teach, your experience, timings and expected remuneration. Once the verification process is complete, your profile is listed on the website portal, where students can contact you. You can also choose the virtual workspace from the options such as live chat and collaboration white board.

Sell old belongings online
Another simple way of earning money online is selling old things in your house. You can log on to, and where a free classified platform is made available. You have to first create an account and add information about the product you want to sell. Other details required are location, pictures and price quoted for the product.

Earn through advertisements
Google AdSense can be one of the trusted ways of earning money online. Your blog or website can be used in order to earn from Google AdSense. You can also advertise on Youtube channel. For that, you have to log on to and create a Google AdSense account. This account can be used for your blog, website or Youtube channel. In order to earn money, you have to attract maximum visitors to your website or blog. For this, you can write about the topic you are most proficient in. Similarly, having a realistic video would help if you want to earn from Youtube.

Saturday, 26 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Are you trapped in a situation where your computer has some issues and you are not able to figure out the solution? How about connecting remotely via Internet with an expert sitting somewhere else in the world and getting your problem solved?

It often occurs that while working on the computer, it hangs and leaves us wondering whether it is a hardware problem or a software problem. After finding themselves in such a situation, many people call up a computer expert or take the computer system to the nearest service center. There is another alternative to this- solution via remote connection. Windows and Mac both have a built-in remote assistance feature. Using this technique you can share your desktop or laptop with an expert located at faraway place and thus you can take their help to figure out the exact problem.

Windows PC
Windows XP has a built-in remote assistance feature. To enable this feature, go to control panel and click Systems. A window opens up, in which you have to click Remote tab. Then click Allow remote assistant invitation box.  Using a secure remote connection or via email invitation you can connect your system with the expert. Once remotely connected, the expert can view your desktop screen and can control your mouse. He/she can also chat with you in the remote assistant window. Practically, this process is very simple. What you have to remember is, in order to let the expert take control of your system, you have to click take control button in the security feature at the top of screen. Once the expert solves the problem completely, you can disconnect the remote assistant section and you can start using the computer.

Mac users can perform this procedure in two different ways. The first one and the simpler one is to use ichat or message. You just have to add the user to the chat list and begin chat with him/her. In the video menu click screen share enabled. Secondly, you can go to system preference and click sharing. Click screen sharing and click computer settings button. Read the Pop up window options and provide a password to reach your computer. The expert can connect to your computer with the help of this password. This method is also easy to use. However, the problem with it is that this method can only be used on a local network. If the expert is sitting at a different location, then you need to know how to configure your network devices (port forwarding).

With the help of Browser
Chrome remote desktop
Google chrome browser has a free Add on called as chrome remote desktop. It can be used to remotely control the computer. For this to work, Google chrome browser and the Add on should be installed on both the systems. It generates an authentication code on the host computer. This code needs to be entered on the remote computer in order to have a secure remote access.                                                                                             

Team viewer
This is a multi-platform software. It works on windows, Mac and Linux. It allows remote controlling, collaboration and file sharing between two connected computers. It can be downloaded for free for non-commercial purposes. You can also download android and iOS apps. It renders the remote connection secure with the help of 256 bit encryption. You can download it from

This software comes with a free version and also allows an unlimited connection to another computer along with a remote reboot option. It makes android apps available for remote access. It allows transfer of unlimited files between two connected computers. It is compatible with windows and Mac. You can download it from

This software provides many features along with remote control feature. It allows session recording, multi monitor support and pausing of the session. It is available as a 14 day trial version with free account. You can download it from

It provides a remote control feature for windows or Mac system from iOS or other computers. You can use the Log me in to arrange the computer in sleep mode. Its free version makes use of 256 bit encryption for remote connection but you cannot transfer files with it. However, you can search for files and view them. You can download the software from
This software helps you to access and control a computer remotely with the help of a web browser. For this, you need to download a small software on the remote PC which provides the access code. Using the access code, you can join anyone with the help of Then, via remote PC you can control, chat and make use of internet enabled voice call facility. This software can be downloaded from

On this website you can find detailed information about programs and functions usually used on PC and Mac. How to use a particular program has been explained with the help of a video on this website. You can send these videos to people who are not tech savvy.

On this website, PC and Mac functions have been explained in a simple language with the help of some tips and tricks. It gives a step by step procedure to explain the setup of new devices. If you are not very much conversant with technology, you can take help of this website.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
How will Apple (AAPL) follow up a 2012 lineup that included two new tablets, a new notebook and a new phone? Analysts Gene Munster and Douglas Clinton of Piper Jaffray took a stab at predicting what used to be unpredictable: Apple's product calendar. Their report includes a number of not-so-prominent product upgrades, which lead Piper's analysts to the conclusion that 2013 "will set the stage for bigger changes in the product lineup in 2014 and beyond." But even a slow year from Apple tends to turn some heads. Here are five possible Apple products to look for in 2013.

Apple Radio, March 2013
Apple Radio, March 2013
Media discussion surrounding Apple Radio has been ongoing since October, so an expected release in early 2013 would come as no surprise. The free radio service -- which would make money through ad revenues -- will most likely be part of iTunes and offer major competition to the likes of Pandora. The day after Bloomberg News reported the possibility of Apple Radio in October, Pandora stock fell 12%. Piper analysts believe that Apple Radio will be unveiled alongside another product launch in March, possibly....

iPad mini with Retina Display, March 2013
iPad mini with Retina Display, March 2013
Apple sold more than 3 million iPads with retina display over a single weekend in March, and between 8-10 million iPad mini devices are reported to have shipped by the end of 2012, according to Digitimes. By combining the best of both products, Apple is hoping to maintain its place atop of the growing tablet market. The timing would make sense; Apple launched new iPads in March of 2011 (iPad 2) and 2012 (iPad with retina display). In theory, a retina display makes the pixels impossible to detect from a normal viewing distance, providing crystal clear images on the screen. The current iPad mini display has 1024-by-768 resolution, the same as the iPad 2.

iOS 7, June 2013
iOS 7, June 2013
Apple users were outraged with the iOS 6 upgrade that eliminated YouTube and Google Maps apps. Apple's maps app was so bad, in fact, that CEO Tim Cook issued an apology to customers in September and even encouraged them to try competitor's apps until the problem could be resolved. Factor in the management shakeup that resulted in the firing of mobile software chief Scott Forstall, and the pressure is on Apple to come back strong with iOS 7. Look for Passbook, the mobile wallet feature of Apple's operating system, to play a more prominent role in the upgrade.

iPhone 5S, June 2013
iPhone 5S, June 2013
Munster and Clinton believe a new iPhone 5S will come out in September, although some reports have pegged a launch date as early as June. The iPhone 5 was a September release; so was the iPhone 4S in 2011. Regardless of the date, users can expect an updated camera (as usual) and better battery life. The 5S will look the same as the iPhone 5 -- same screen size, same width -- but the new stuff will all be inside. Apple sold over 5 million iPhone 5 devices in the phone's first weekend in September.

Apple Television, November 2013
Apple Television, November 2013
Not just the digital receiver box already available as Apple TV -- an actual Apple Television. The timing would make sense, right before the holiday season, but not all Apple followers are convinced a TV will actually hit the market in 2013. For starters, analysts have predicted an Apple Television would arrive for years with nothing to show for it. Plus, television margins are small, and Apple products are notorious for having some of the largest margins in the industry. Munster and Clinton predict an Apple TV will measure 42" to 55" and cost between $1500 and $2000. Similarly sized plasma and LCD TVs from Vizio, Samsung and Panasonic all clock in at under $1000, but Apple has never shied away from offering high quality at high cost.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
There was a time when 3D movies and images were very popular, but thanks to technological advancements, 3D mapping and 3D sound are the new concepts in entertainment today.

Technology is evolving at a very fast rate, where 3D movies and images were the talk of the town at some point. But now, 3D sound and 3D mapping are turning out to be the new show stealers.

Influence of 3D mapping
How would you feel to see your favourite things in multiple colours and designs? With this new technique of projection called as 3D mapping, one can create amazing visual effects and before you know it, you are transported into a new world altogether. 3D mapping consists of projecting video on a 3D layer and with the help of special softwares the image is projected on irregularly shaped objects. The interesting part of it is that, in order to experience the effects of 3D mapping you do not have wear 3D glasses, but can experience it in form of illusion created by lights. 3D mapping technique is rapidly becoming very popular in India. Although 3D mapping takes time to create, the effect it creates is magical. On a smaller level, 3D mapping can be executed using a projector and a laptop. For bigger events, theme based 3D mapping is used to create special visual effects for the audience.

Impact of 3D sound
Sound plays a pivotal role in the movies screened at movie theaters nowadays. That is one of the reasons why mono sound seems to have been replaced by digital sound.  In this, 3, 5 or 7 speakers and sound woofer are used to project and hear sound in all directions. Now, the 3D sound technique used brings out the intricacies of every scene. The 3D sound technology Atmos has been presented by Dolby. This technology involves use of 64 types of speakers. Every speaker projects sound in accordance to the scene and in specific direction. So, suppose in the movie, you see a plane flying up from the front, you will also hear the sound coming from above your head.  In this way, you can enjoy the sound in 3D perspective along with the image.  Theaters will be changed to adapt to this technique. This trend, which is still new in India, is gradually being accepted by theaters  Similarly, movies are also being launched with the Atmos technology. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it will mark the beginning of 3D in the world of sound. After theaters world over adapting to this technique, theaters in India are warming up to the idea and are showing a preference for it.  As the world of technology is expanding, it would not come by as a surprise if, one day, we hear 3D sound being played in homes.

Monday, 14 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Digital storage is very cheap because of which some people fill up their phones and computers with duplicate files of songs, photos, Emails etc.
Storing many duplicate files on your computer can create problems for you. Let us see how to prevent ourselves from such problems.

‘Outlook duplicate items remover’ is a small utility. You can download this from This is an all in one tool for outlook. This not only searches for duplicate emails, but also goes one step ahead in identifying duplicate contacts, calendars, tasks and notes. You cannot immediately delete the duplicate files. The utility service creates a separate folder to store the duplicate files, checks them thoroughly and then deletes them.
‘Remove Duplicate files’ is a free add on thunderbird. This scans all your folders. This scans at the speed of 1000 messages per second. You can set it to either show you the duplicate files or directly delete them. While deleting it gives you an opportunity to select read/unread mails, small/big mails or first/last mails. This makes it quite easy for you.
Online Emails
If you are using an online email client like Gmail or Yahoo, then the easiest way to search for duplicates is to set up IMAP with a local Email client (like Thunderbird or outlook). With the help of IMAP your online Emails will get synchronized with your PC. After this you can use ‘Outlook Duplicate items remover’ for outlook or ‘Remove Duplicate Files’ for thunderbird to delete the duplicate files.

You will first need to download a free application ‘search my files’ from the website This is a portable application. You can copy this in a USB flash drive and use it on any Windows PC. The application ‘search my files’ is considered as a replacement for Windows search bar. This provides good features on a simple interface. With the help of this you can also decide the type of files you would like to search. This can search in special folders also. After scanning, this shows duplicate files in another window. You can either delete the duplicate files or just view them.It is very easy to use this application.
The finder window of Mac OSX, helps you to search for files under different headings. It also allows you to delete them. First of all open the finder window and type any word on the search box. Once you get the result, you can arrange the file in any order. You can arrange similar files under one name. You can then easily see the duplicates and delete them. If you like you can also download the free ‘Duplicate file searcher’. For this you will need to go to the following website This website presents you with advanced search options. Using the graphical user interface of this application, you can identify the duplicate files and delete them quickly.

If you wish to search for duplicate contacts on your Gmail account, click on the triangular icon on the left side of the Gmail account page near the Gmail logo. Select the contacts section and then click on the ‘more’ option.On doing this you will get a pop up that says ‘find and merge duplicates’. Check your contacts before merging them. If you have an Android device that does not synchronize contacts with Gmail, then you will need to install a free app called ‘contact remover’.

Itune contains a built in duplicate finder. Open the music library on your Itune and click on the file menu on the top bar. Then click on the ‘display duplicates’ option. Itunes will show the duplicates present in the library. Select the duplicates and delete them from the library or the hard drive. You can also use the music edition application ‘Dupeguru’. To download this you will need to go to This application scans your folder. After scanning it displays your music files according to the type and duration. It also tells the percentage similarity in two songs. After this you can either delete the files or move them to another folder. This is available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. The free version of this application allows you to delete 10 songs in a single instant.

If you are a fan of digital photography, you must have gathered a number of duplicate photographs. You can search for similar photos and delete them. Similar photos clicked on the burst mode of your camera can also be deleted by this. You will have to use the Vizipics feature of Windows. You can download this from Its interface is very easy to use. This works with multiple formats. This can also compare photos in different formats and resolutions. With the help of this feature you can delete the duplicates, move them to another folder or rename them. You can also download Picasa from Google. Once you import all the images from Picasa, go to the ‘experimental option’ in tools. Then go to click on the ‘show duplicates’ option. This will show all the duplicate files in the library.

Saturday, 12 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
You don’t have to go looking for websites to listen to songs online anymore. Just forget the worry and download these applications to your mobile phones and listen to music.

This application is available on android, blackberry and iOS. You can you this app to listen to different songs. You can browse different categories and choose from many popular songs. Additionally, you can also create personal playlists with the help of this app. If you are looking for more options, log on to the website

Saavn Music
This application is available on android and iOS. With this app, you can listen to live radio and you can also create your own playlist. What’s more? Get a peek at the Weekly Top 15 and new releases.

Desi Music
This application is available on android and iOS. You can listen to songs in varied languages like hindi, tamil, telgu and malyalam. You can also view the lyrics of songs using this app.

Shazam Music
This application is available on android, blackberry and iOS. Apart from listening to songs, you also get the option of listening to songs similar to the one you are playing or more songs by the same artist.

This application is available on android, iOS, Nokia and Windows operating system. Using this app, you can search for the title of the song as well as the singer and name of the film. This app lets you listen to the song and lets you view the lyrics of the song.

This app works well on android. It has a very good interface. With this app, you can search for diverse music tracks. You can even upload music here. It gives you the option of creating a playlist of your favourite songs. In addition, you can also create an account here.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
You must have surfed nonstop on the internet on your first computer and that too at top speed. If loading websites takes longer now, some simple tips can help you speed up your surfing. Let’s know how you can speed things up.
Think of your browser as a bike; the more you load it with baggage, the slower it goes. So start unloading.

Browser History
You can delete a lot of baggage if you clear your browsing history.  Browsers store data from the sites you've been to. It's good to remember where you've been recently on the web, but this slows the browser. Getting rid of that data can speed up loading of pages.
  • In Google Chrome, press the wrench icon in the toolbar, choose History and then Clear All History.
  • In Firefox, choose Tools and then Clear Recent History.
  • On the Internet Explorer, hit Tools option, then click on Internet Options, then the general tab, and then click delete under Browsing history.
Toolbars are notorious for using too many resources.  If you aren't using a toolbar multiple times each day, ditch it. In Firefox, go to Tools then Add-ons, and Disable Toolbars. Chrome doesn't have toolbars.
Add-ons and Extensions
They are like toolbars but run in the background. This means they are less visible. It's a good idea to check to see if these tools are used frequently enough to justify their resource consumption.
  • In Chrome, go to Tools, Extensions and disable everything.
  • In Firefox, hit Tools, and uninstall everything.
  • In Internet Explorer, go to tools Internet Options, Programs tab, and Manage Add-ons. You'll see all the add-ons that are enabled. Disable everything except the Shockwave Flash add-on.
Bookmarks and Favourites
Your browser also slows down from bookmarks. You thought you were being so organized with a few hundred bookmarks neatly filed by topic. But they can make your browser slower too. Limit them to 20 or so, and keep the rest in a Word document on your desktop.

To Export Bookmarks
In the Internet Explorer go to File, Import/Export and choose Export To A File option, then choose Favourites. Open the HTML file.It saves, copy everything and paste into a Word document. In Firefox you can open Bookmarks and copy the ones you want, and paste on a Word doc.  In Chrome, go to bookmarks, Bookmark Manager, and Export. Open the HTML document it saves, copy all, and paste into a Word doc.

Defragging your hard-drive is a well-known tool for speeding up all aspects of computing — even web browsing. Press Start, type "defrag" and the search bar and open Disk Defragmenter.

Change Browsers
Tom's Hardware is a technical site that tests the speed of browsers each year. Their most recent comparison shows Firefox is fastest, followed by Chrome browser, Internet Explorer with Apple's Safari being the slowest.
Even just getting a clean browser — one you haven't fiddled with — can be faster than your earlier browser.

Monday, 7 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta

With the help of customized firmware you can increase the features of your gadgets.
You can add exciting features on your smart phone, MP 3 player, camera etc. using the custom firmware to make your gadgets more powerful. You will have to understand the custom firmware fully for this.

Magic lantern is a custom firmware available for canon DSLR camera. This gets booted by the memory card. It adds special functions like extended exposure, extra ISO settings, manual auto settings, bracketing, motion detection, time lapse and HDR ability. You can check whether these functions are supported by your DSLR. You can download your custom firmware from For extra features you can store your files in the memory card and enjoy using the new features.

MP 3 Player
Rockbox ( is a free replacement firmware. This is available for MP 3 players supported by Apple, Kovan, ARCHOS, Sandisk. Depending on the different devices, it can add features like gapless feed, stereo voice recording, FM recording and album art. You can also customize the interface of your player according to your choice. The installation is a long procedure but the website gives detailed information. From the website you can get more information about supported devices and related links.

Media Player
WDTV forum hosts a custom firmware for WTV media players. ( this gives you stepwise information on how to install the firmware. With the help of custom firmware you can change the user interface. You can also install plugin for video thumbnail, screen grabs and download files. You can also get support for outside CD/DVD (attached to USB port) for some devices.

Prosumer camera
CHDK (Canon hack development kit) works for canon print and shoot and prosumer camera in the same way as magic lantern works for DSLR. You can use a simple method for this. Download the appropriate CHDK for your camera. You will need to go to to download the kit. Copy it on your memory card after downloading it. When you shoot with the memory card in your camera, you will see extra feature settings like RAW support, bracketing and advanced exposure control and live histogram.

Android Device
You can install a custom firmware on your android device and use the latest version of android. You can use the new version even if it is not available officially. This increases the performance and battery life of your device. But for this you will need to install the correct firmware for your device. You can get the appropriate firmware from To install the firmware you will need to route your device.

IOS jailbreak
To obtain the applications not available on apple app store, you will have to work on jailbreaking process.
With the help of IOS Jailbreaking, you can install those third party apps that are not available on apple app store. With the help of these apps you can reach out to those features that are not normally within the reach IOS devices. You can get Bluetooth file transfer, custom icons, wired tethering, and video recording on old Iphone, interface customization, custom keyboard and extra widgets. You will have to keep in mind that jail breaking is not illegal but it finishes your warranty.

The main advantage of custom firmware is that it helps you to reach the hidden features on the phone. This improves the performance of your device and enhances the battery life. According to your device type, there are plugins available that help you to change the user interface and add extra features of your choice. Sometimes you can get so many new features, that you need not buy a new device. The new device becomes smarter. With the help of custom firmware, you can download free and paid apps on your smart phone. It also helps you to reach the third party/ custom app store.

The biggest disadvantage of custom firmware is that it finishes the warranty of the device. Many manufacturers do not allow third party modifications or software installation. The second disadvantage is that if during custom firmware installation there is any connectivity problem, or if corrupt files are downloaded then you cannot do anything. Sometimes the custom firmware does not function 100 % correctly. Once the custom firmware is installed, you cannot install the firmware released officially by the company. You install the custom firmware at your own risk.

Saturday, 5 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
With Google you can search anything in the world on the internet. But do you know that you can use Google for some special things also. Let us learn about some more services of Google.
Search for special recipes
With this customized search you can search for any recipe around the world. With the help of this page, Google will search the food sites for you and present the recipe before you. It will remove the links that are not required. With the help of this service you can search for special diabetic recipes or low fat recipes.
Understand the Website rankings
Everybody wants their websites to be ranked on top on Google. For this you need to understand some difficult terms like site indexing, ranking and search engine optimization. Webmasters is a free service of Google that can help you understand these terms. With the help of Webmasters you can understand how Google ranks its websites. Webmasters will also help you to analyze the difficulties encountered while reaching your website and also tell you the ways to improve the visibility of your website.

Information through SMS
Google has enabled the use of some of its applications through SMS. For example suppose you want to use the web to know the news, cricket score and movies, just send an SMS to 9773300000. You will get the desired result in the form of an SMS. You can also register your phone with Google calendar. This way you will get notification about the upcoming events through SMS. This feature is good for phones. Normal SMS charges apply for this service. This service is useful when you data connectivity gets over.

Keep an eye on your accounts
Do you know how much time you have spent on the internet? Now Google gives a detailed account of your usage of various Google services. You will have to register for this service, after which Google will generate a report for you. This report gives information about your Email, you tube and search history usage. It is mailed to you. You can study this report at leisure. It will give you an idea about how much time you spend on the various Google services.

Do what your hear desires
Schemer is a service that helps you to make a list of all activities that you wish to do. You can add friends to your schemer account and find out what activity they are doing. You can also see a list of activities suggested by people worldwide.

Full knowledge search
This is a customized search with the help of which you can search for thesis, articles, books, court opinions and other documents. This can also help you search for the entire document on the net. In this the articles are rated according to their content quality, writer and reference usage.

Video Chat Service
Hangout is a free group video chat service provided by Google. This service allows you to chat with maximum 10 people at the same time on phone, tab or PC. This service identifies the speaker and puts him on the main window. You can also share screen with others.

Collection of Doodles
You must have noticed that on special occasions, Google home page has colorful designs made on it. These are called doodles. These doodles are stored in the Google doodles archive. These contain interactive and playable doodles. You can view these doodles according to the year and country on the archive.

Discuss on any topic
Moderator is the open forum of Google. You can discuss on any topic on the forum. If you post a query or idea on the forum, the other users will vote and tell whether the idea or query is good or bad. Even visitors can post a query or comment on the forum. You can share the whole discussion here. You can post your comment through mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. Through this forum you can take opinions from all over the world.

Navigation and traffic
Google’s latest update for android devices has brought voice guided turn by turn navigation in India. You can take the help of Google maps or dedicated navigation apps available in some phones. With help of Google navigation, you can get the live information about traffic conditions in some select cities in India. The app also suggests a route for you by which you can escape the traffic and reach your destination. Like this you can get information about any place from Google. Google live traffic information can also be viewed on your PC browser.

Make your own map
With the help of Google map maker you can update information about more than 200 countries on Google maps and Google earth. You can add new places and also edit existing information. You can also review the information put up by other users. The changes made by you will be checked by a moderator. Once approved the information is added and can then be viewed worldwide.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta

The mouse speeds up your work on the laptop or your PC. It’s a small wonder. You can do many things like Cut, Copy, Paste, highlight, scroll etc. with just a click of your mouse. You may know a lot about the uses of the mouse, but I have got a few more uses that I am sure you would be surprised to know.

Click tricks
Double click highlights a word and triple click highlights a paragraph. But what if you wanted to select a column of text of your word document, without moving the other text? Here’s how you can do it. Press the Alt button along with the left click on the mouse (Option left mouse on Mac) and drag the cursor over the text you want to select. The best part is you don’t need to format the required text into a column before selecting it.

Scroll tricks
The scroll wheel at the bottom of the mouse helps you to move up and down on the page. But if you combine this action with other keys, you can get more movements.

  • Scroll to Enlarge-Pressing the control button and scrolling can help you to zoom in or out on the current page. Control + Scroll up, zooms in the current page and Control + Scroll down, zooms out the current page. On a Mac OS this combination will help to zoom in or out the whole screen and not only the document you may be viewing.
  • Scroll Wheel as a back Button- While surfing on certain web browsers, you can press the shift button and scroll back to all the sites you have recently visited. Some mice have buttons on the side of the body that can be used as forward and backward button on many web browsers.
  • Scroll Sideways- In some versions of Excel, pressing the shift key while scrolling can help you to move sideways on an excel sheet. This is most helpful in big Excel sheets.
Windows Specific Tricks
The above tricks can be used on both Windows and Mac OS. But there are some tricks specific to a Windows PC.

  • To view two windows on a 50-50 split- Drag the title bar of your left document to the right and the title bar of the right document to the left. This will cause them to appear in equal sizes on the screen, dividing the screen into half.
  • To minimize all windows except the current window- Shake the Title bar. If you want to maximize all the windows that you minimized with this shortcut, just click on the title bar.
  • To enlarge a window- Drag the title bar to the top.
Sneaky Trick
Suppose you want to have a quick snack bite and this requires you to move away from your secure work terminal. You don’t want to re-login when you come back. What do you do? There is one option that you press the sleep mode. But I have got something better. Move the mouse cursor to the analog clock set on the bottom right of the screen. The mouse recognizes the seconds hand movement of the clock. This makes your PC think that you are still working. I think it’s a cool trick but let me warn you it’s not a very secure trick.

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