Saturday, 22 December 2012


Do you have a computer and an internet facility? If yes, then you can have fun chatting with many people through video chat. This is very easy to do.
Skype is a familiar name among internet users. With the help of Skype you can make calls as well as video chat. If you have purchased the premium pack for Skype you can video chat with many people at once. Skype is popular because its audio and video quality during chat is quite superior. But you need to know that through Skype you can call or chat with only those people who have downloaded Skype on their PC. You can share files with these people also.
Google plus is a social networking website started by Google itself. This has a special feature called ‘Hangout’. Here you can make a group of online friends and video chat with them. You can also do group chatting. You can also record the chat and upload it on You tube. This feature works easily on IOS and Android operating systems.  You can also share the chat by putting it as an event by dating and timing it. You don’t need to download any software for this. Google plus is getting very popular in India.
By going on you can video chat with as many as 12 people at one time. Specialty of this site is that you can record your chat and upload it on You tube later on. You need to have a little practice to work on this. With a little practice you can easily learn to you it. You can also log on into it using your Facebook account. This site can be used on Windows, Mac, IOS and Android operating systems. You can easily share your screen and files with others through
Just like, you can video chat with maximum of 12 people at once on this site also. Facebook and Google users do not have to create a new account for this site. You can invite those friends who are available online on chat boxes of Facebook and Google. This works easily on Windows, Mac and IOS operating systems. You can use the full screen for video chatting as well as work on something else in a separate tab. During group chat the focus is on the person who is speaking.

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