Saturday, 8 December 2012


It might happen that you may want to work on Windows and MAC operating systems at the same time. It is not difficult to work on two OS at the same time. Let us see how it can be done.

Boot Camp
Boot camp is a solution for Apple OS. With the help of this you can double boot your system and run Windows along with Apple OS. To double boot your system you need to go to utilities and then to boot camp assistant. This application creates a partition with the help of a wizard. The wizard helps to download drivers required to install windows. Once Windows is installed, you can begin to share files between both OS. You can also switch between both OS once you boot your system.

Cloud Storage- How to synchronize your files?
If you have a system that has more than one OS, you need to sync both of them. Cloud storage helps you do it easily. Services like Drop box, Sugar sync and SkyDrive offers desktop clients for various OS to the desktop users. First create an account in the choice of your service. Install the desktop client specific to your PC. Log into the service account you want to sync with, and thenstart sharing folders of your choice.

Parallel Desktop
This software has been created for Mac. It helps you run Windows inside OS X. You can run windows in small as well as full screen mode. You can run both OS together. You can decide which hardwareis available for Windows OS. You can also drag and drop files from one OS to the other.

VMware Fusion
Just like Parallel desktop, VMware allows you to run Windows or Linux on your Mac OS. With the help of VMware you can run Windows, Linux and OS X at the same time. You can also use Windows only USB and Bluetooth device on Mac. VMware supports USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt.

Seagate Goflex Satellite Hard drive
This is a portable hard drive. A 500 GB hard drive costs Rs10500. It has a built in battery which generates a Wi-Fi network. With Wi-Fi connection it can connect to your PC, Android or any IOS device. You can access the files stored in this hard drive by using an app or the web browser. This can be used as a common storage device for different OS.

Necessary tips to switch between OS
1. From PC to Mac
After pressing the control button, you can use the common keyboard shortcut. You need to use the command button on Mac to use this keyboard. This is called Apple key. To copy a document you need to press the command button and ‘C’ key at the same time. Similarly to paste a document, you need to press ‘P’ along with the command button. You can use the spotlight search function to search and launch a program on Mac. For this you will need to press the space key along with the command button and then start typing. Once the required part is highlighted you can press the enter key.
There is a no right click on Mac. For contextual menu, you need to click mouse along with control key. You can enable secondary click by going to Trackpad in system preference. Using Trackpad gestures with your fingers reduces time. You can use two fingers to scroll, three for next, swipe for previous and four fingers for mission control.
Clicking on the ‘X’ key in Mac will not close the program – For this you will have to press the ‘Q’ key with the command button.

2. Mac to PC
If you are missing Apple doc on your PC, you can install Rocket dock. To do this you need to visit This can be used as an application launcher. You cannot select and delete a program on this like on Mac. You will have to select the program and then uninstall it on Windows. For this you will need to select the program icon in the control panel and then uninstall it. Instead of copying the software in the applications folder, you will have to double click on the special executable (.exe) files on Windows to install the program.
Windows does not come along with multiple virtual desktop. To enable this function you need to download the program Dexpot from
In case you miss Mac app store and want new programs for your PC, you can access the App store on Intel. You will find many apps on This works well on Windows PC too.

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