Sunday, 24 March 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Nowadays phones are used not only to make or receive calls but for many more reasons also. We use our phones to chat through gtalk/What’s App or to check and reply to mails, check account statements etc. All this demands a greater security for our phones.

Iphones, Ipads come with a special feature of passcodes to lock and unlock the screens. This restricts the use of phones in case the phones get into unwanted hands. The passcode for Iphone uses accented characters like ‘ä’ with two dots on top rather than a simple ‘a’. This can be made using a virtual keyboard of Iphone/Ipad. Tap and hold a key and you will get a list of related characters that have accent marks.

Make a strong and unique Passcode
The passcode that we use for our Iphones contains digits. But if we want to make a passcode that is difficult to guess, we can make use of these accented characters. E.g.  Oranges can also be written as Örängës. This makes it very difficult to guess and break the code.

This is an IOS specific feature. If you do not see the option to use alphanumeric characters as the passcode for your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock and turn off Simple Passcode.

This is an iOS specific feature. Android devices support alphanumeric characters for screen passwords but accented characters aren’t allowed. And in the case of Windows Phone 8, you can only use digits to lock /unlock the screen.

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