Wednesday, 13 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta
To search for a pen and a paper first while taking down urgent notes and later wasting time to search for those notes is very frustrating. Android devices bring you a variety of note taking apps which keep your notes and memos safe and handy. Here are a few apps that do  a lot more than just save your notes and memos. These five best-known apps are freely available on Google Play.
1.       Evernote
2.       Springpad
3.       Catch
4.       ColorNote
5.       MobisleNotes

This is the best note-taking app for android. This amazing app allows you to compose a note, voice-record it, take a snapshot, or attach multimedia content from your device to your notes and tag it with location. You can also organize your notes with tags, share them and access them on any device online.
With Evernote browser addon, you can clip selected text and images from the web and share your notes with friends or colleagues directly from the app.

Springpad is not just a note-taking app. You can save all that you love on the web and organize them with this app. From clipping articles from the web to recording voice memos, it is a fun app to use on your Android device. You can save articles and pictures from your web browser with a click just as in Evernote.

Catch Notes helps you save ideas for future use. It has a lovely interface with options to distinguish your notes and also color them. Features include creating checklists, adding images to your notes, creating voice notes and keeping reminders. Catch helps you to collaborate with friends by sharing your notes and ideas.

This app has a regular notebook interface. ColorNote makes it simple to take notes and edit them. With colornote you can write your notes, memos, to-do lists and shopping lists and set reminders to make your life smooth. ColorNote comes with a calendar to which you can directly add memos.
You can also use ColorNote widgets to place important notes on your device’s home-screen.

MobileNotes is another app with simple notebook interface. If you do not want note-taking to be another task, go for this app. You can write your tasks and check them off when the tasks get completed.

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