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design your own home
If you want to change the design of your house, you can take the help of technology. Your tablet or PC has some free tools that can help you redesign your own house easily.

It has become very easy to understand the layout of the house with the help of technology. You can now use the tools present on the internet to design your house.

Many times it becomes very difficult to improve the design of your house. Even with the help of an architect or interior designer, it becomes very difficult to visualize how your house will look like in the end. Your mind is filled with many doubts like which colors will look good on the walls, what kind of furniture will fit best in the free space, removal of which wall will give you more space. If you are able to view these changes in a virtual view, it can help you decide better and save time and money. Many such free software are available nowadays which help you to see the layout of your house. You can save the final design.

1. Google Sketch-up
This is a free Google software available on both Mac and Windows OS. With the help of this you can make 3D models. You can use the sketch tool to prepare the layout or use the sketch-up 3D ware house to download the layout model. The 3D ware house is continuously updated with the new model designs of buildings, furniture etc. This takes the help of other users and online sharing. This has a paid version called as sketch up pro which has features like advanced detailing, high resolution output. For this you will need to visit

2. Magic Plan
If you want the floor plan for the map of your existing room, you can take the help of the Magic Plan App. This works on IOS device. This measures the distance between two points in the room with the help of gyroscope and camera and then takes photos of it. On the basis of these photographs it creates a floor plan. You can save this as a PDF file. If you want you can also save it in the form of a AutoCAD, HTML or image format. And on the basis of this design you can make the desired changes.

Everybody wants the best layout for their house. With the help of these internet tools, the work becomes easy

Prepare the layout
You can prepare the layout of your house easily here. You can start with the sketch. You can also take the help of a wizard to select any existing layout. This can be seen in 2D format which can later be changed to 3D. As you make the design a small window will show the 3D design simultaneously. The 3D design changes accordingly as you add furniture and decorative designs selected from the extensive collection present on the website.To save the layout in the form of an image, you will need to sign up into a free account. For this you will have to go to

Share your design
You can prepare a project with a 3 floor levels on the floor planner. Initially the interface will show you a 2D design. You can arrange furniture and other things in this image. You can add and remove things using drag and drop. After this you can choose the 3D layout. You can save it as a PDF once your work is done. The website for this is

Beautiful design of the house
Here you can prepare a new design of your own or select the design of your choice. You can upload the pre-existing floor plan from Home Styler on Auto Desk and trace it online. To make the layout more attractive you can choose furniture and fittings of international brands. You can shift from 2D to 3D layout with a single click. You can either export the layout after it’s completed or save it in 3D 360 degree panorama format. The website for this is


1. Home D├ęcor
This is a free IOS App. With the help of this you can visualize how your walls will look with different colors. For this you will need to take a photo of a room using the app and choose the color of your choice. You can keep changing the color of the walls to see which color looks best. This app separates the furniture and other things from the walls on its own. If you don’t feel the colors of the app are right you can use the eraser tool to darken or lighten the color. If the app does not color any portion of the wall, you can color it yourself and see how it looks.

2. Design Dimensions
This is a free Android App for designing.  This contains a common list of items needed in the house and office like chairs, speakers, microwaves, refrigerators etc. You can arrange them as you like. This app gives a 3D illustration with all things of average dimension. So you can easily find out how a new furniture will look in your house.

3. House interior design ideas
House interior design app designs a little differently. This gives the best designs from around the world on your IOS device. You can check the photos depending on the style, room or product. You can also view designs made by world famous architects and share them on social networking sites. Whatever image you save is automatically added to your idea book. This idea book contains favorite designs.

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