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window 8
Microsoft Windows recently launched the new Windows 8 operating system. The best part is, it can be used on desktops as well as tablets. Let’s get to know about the features of Windows 8.

Modern UI
Windows has brought a major change in its UI after almost 28 years. It has launched the new tile based user interface which is the modern UI. This can be operated using the touch screen feature. Every application appears in the form of a tile on the start screen. You can get dynamic updates on these application tiles. Using the new user interface, you can handle the control panel and the network connections.

Task manager
Most Windows users use task manager to check which programs are consuming how much of the system resources. Microsoft has brought a significant change in its task manager. Using this task manager you can see a simple list of programs running on the PC. The end task button is also good. You can also obtain the app history and startup information if required.

Windows 8 has two changes in its desktop feature. First thing is that you can reach the desktop using a single tile on the modern UI. Secondly it does not have a start button. Instead of this the users need to take the cursor to the bottom left side of the screen. You can use the Windows key to reach the start screen. Users can run all the software on the desktop mode as they had been running on the previous version of Windows.New programs will now appear as shortcut on the start screen.

Now Log in
Windows 8 has been linked to Microsoft web services. Users can log onto their PC by using their windows Live ID.If you use your Reader app for reading news feeds on your tablet, then this is also available on your PC.

The new OS also works on the tablet. The modern UI has been designed in such a way so that you can use gestures. This works by pinching in and pinching out. You can scroll by swiping with your finger.

Windows 8 on desktop
Just like smart phones and tablets, you can now receive important information on your desktop as well. You can now view notifications, unread messages and information on the weather. After logging onto yourLive ID you can synchronize important files with sky drive. To access any file or program on Windows 8 you can write the program/file name on the start screen and search for it. Even before you type the whole name you will be able to view the required program or file. The search feature is very fast and powerful.

Windows 8 works best when you are connected to the internet.

Refresh Option
Earlier, if your PC was working slowly, you would have to format the C drive and re install Windows.But with the new Windows 8, you can click on the refresh button and go to default settings. This way you do not lose any of your personal data.

Great Apps
Just like I-Tune store and Google play store, Windows 8 too comes with its own app store from which you can download and install apps. The app contains good but limited apps. Other programs and software can be installed as before.

Windows 8 on the Tablet
Using killer apps on Windows 8 you can work on Tablet just like your old desktop. Fluid touch makes it a very easy user interface to use on the Tablet. You can run photo shop and play PC games on this too. If your windows tablet has a USB port, you can connect a printer, camera or pen drive to it. You can use the tablet as a PC which is not possible on Android or IOS.

Microsoft’s Vision
When Microsoft launched Windows 8, it created a sensation in the technology world. Windows 8 can be used easily on PC, Tablets and Notebooks. This way Microsoft has created an OS that can run on different devices. It becomes easy for the users to work on it. Along with Windows 8, new range of hybrid gadgets can also come up in the market.Companies can manufacture laptops which can be converted to Tablet by detaching the screen. This can also be called as convertibles. Basically Microsoft wanted to bring an OS which could work with touch screen, mouse and keyboard. For this it had to make many changes in its original OS.

Minimum Requirements
Processor speed- 1GHz
Memory – 1GB RAM
    -  20 GB HDD
Pixel Screen Display Resolution- 1024 x 768

How to get Windows 8
According to Microsoft, Windows 8 can be obtained in the following manner
If you have purchased Windows 7 after June 2012, you can upgrade it to Windows 8 at a minimum cost of Rs.699. You will need to register on to You will get a code. Download the code to upgrade your OS to Windows 8.
If you have purchased Windows 7 before June 2012, you will need to purchase it online or buy a DVD for Rs.1,999. If you don’t have Windows 7, then you will have to purchase Windows 8 for Rs.11,999.

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