Monday, 28 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
As you become more and more internet savvy and as you get time to spare, you can earn some money using the internet. Let’s talk about some of the ways of doing this.

Publish your book
If you are passionate about writing and wish to get your own work published, the internet can assist you. Amazon offers a free service for this purpose, known as Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish your work on Kindle (electronic) book store and avail royalty on the sale of copies of your book. There are two options available for Royalty: As per the first option, you get 35 percent royalty and your book can be sold in any country. As per the second option, you receive 70 percent royalty on sale and the book can be sold in few select countries. The Indian writers can set the rate for Indian bookstore and can receive royalty in form of Indian rupees.

Create and sell your own apps
There is a constant increase in the number of people using smartphones and tablets these days. Considering this fact, developing an application can be a good business option. If you can develop apps of you own, you have the option of selling them online. And if you cannot develop an app, do not worry. There are many websites on the internet that teach you how to develop apps. It is not a very difficult task. What is more difficult is, thinking of an innovative idea for an app. And for doing so, knowing the market demand is important. This is a very creative activity. Once you are done creating an application, submit it to the play store. Then, you determine the price of your app and decide whether you want in-app advertisements. After deducting the determined fee charges, you receive your monthly payment. And then, your app is added to the app store.

Sell photographs online
Many stock websites like, and host photographs submitted by their members. You can earn between 15 to 85 percent royalty from the sale of these photos as per the website policies. The better the quality of the photos, the more you can expect to earn. The website first evaluates the photographs you wish to upload and determines their salability. The photographs selected by the website can then be uploaded.

Open an online shop
If you are creative person, you can learn to make handicrafts or buy unique artifacts from a wholesale dealer at lower rates, and then set up your own online shop.  Firstly, collect commodities for your online shop and then sell them by logging on to and These websites have a simple sign up procedure. Once you get verified as a seller on the website, the step by step wizard helps you through the online store setup procedure. You also get information about adding a description for your product.

Earn by becoming a tutor
If you have expertise in any particular skill and have experience in teaching that skill, log on to or and become a tutor. You have to first sign up as an online tutor on these websites. Then create a tutor profile to include information like what is your skill set, what age group do you want to teach, your experience, timings and expected remuneration. Once the verification process is complete, your profile is listed on the website portal, where students can contact you. You can also choose the virtual workspace from the options such as live chat and collaboration white board.

Sell old belongings online
Another simple way of earning money online is selling old things in your house. You can log on to, and where a free classified platform is made available. You have to first create an account and add information about the product you want to sell. Other details required are location, pictures and price quoted for the product.

Earn through advertisements
Google AdSense can be one of the trusted ways of earning money online. Your blog or website can be used in order to earn from Google AdSense. You can also advertise on Youtube channel. For that, you have to log on to and create a Google AdSense account. This account can be used for your blog, website or Youtube channel. In order to earn money, you have to attract maximum visitors to your website or blog. For this, you can write about the topic you are most proficient in. Similarly, having a realistic video would help if you want to earn from Youtube.

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