Wednesday, 12 September 2012


By Ishant Gupta
After Steve Jobs, Apple is organizing its first big event on Wednesday, 12th September in San Francisco. In this event Apple is launching its new iPhone-5.
Here's a look a the top rumours about the most-anticipated Apple device till date:
1.) 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution):- New iPhone-5 will have a capability of 4G LTE wireless network like new iPad. LTE technology is much more fragmented than the previous third-generation wireless technology, making it more difficult to make LTE phones that work seamlessly around the world. For this feature Samsung is thinking to file a case of violation of patent against Apple.

2.) 4 inches display:- The new screen could measure 4 inches from corner to corner as increases from 3.5 inch display.
According to a technology blog,  iPhone-5 would be taller than the previous iPhones, but not wider like many of the Andriod phones available today.

3.) iOS 6:- It was announced in Apple's worldwide developers conference last summer. New iPhone-5 will be iOS 6 enabled.

4.) According to a leaked image, the back panel appears to be covered in metal and the headphone jack is on the botton of the phone now.

5.) The next iPhone, is expected to come with a built-in chip which can serve as your credit or debit card for small payments.

6.) Audience Inc , which makes chips used in Apple Inc's iPhones, said Audience's chips improve the voice quality in mobile devices by filtering out background noise.

7.) Vietnamese tech news site, has speculative images of the newly designed earphones that could accompany the new iPhone.

8.) Photos that are believed to be that of the next generation show that a SIM card slot that seem to be smaller than the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

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