Thursday, 30 May 2013


By Ishant Gupta
Most of you must be using Google search on daily basis. Google is now coming up with a technology that will give us real time search results, thus making our work much simpler.

Not very far from now, you will experience a time where, by looking at one object through special glasses, you will be able to get all the information linked to that object instantly. Using these glasses you can take photos, chat and even update your Facebook status. Google is bringing these glasses for us. Google has christened this project as ‘Google Glass’. These glasses are based on augmented reality technique. As per this technique, the real world is connected with computer generated data, thus providing additional information to users. Similarly, Google Now is likely to win many hearts too.

Google Now : Help available
Google has launched Google Now, an intelligent personal assistant. It has been designed for Google’s Android operating system. It is being described as an extension of Google Search application. This application uses natural language user interface to provide results for the queries. It also provides you suggestions on various topics.  Interestingly, this application guesses what you are about to do on the basis of your search habits and takes appropriate actions. With the help of this application, you will be able to receive requested information real time. When you are equipped with Google Now, you don’t have to fret over browsing in the vast sea of information on internet. Instead, you can get quick and correct data. Google wishes to render the information real time in case of domains like the news, movies, public alerts, events, flights, translation, weather, sports, stocks and so on. Google Now is being seen as a big step in this direction.

Google Glass: Victory is yours
Recently, Google organized a competition for users all over the world. The competition ends with 8000 applicants being selected to receive the Google Glass.  Some time ago, only the employees at Google could use the Google Glass but now the gadget will reach other people too. You can get more information on Google Glass by loging on to Here you will get to witness, via photographs and videos, the advantages of Google Glass and its functioning. By using Google Glass you can take a picture by just saying ‘Take a picture’. You can send a message by only voicing it, you can record what you are seeing, you can even find out the right direction. Other than that, you can receive instant information and latest updates about a particular place or thing. Google Glass is still in its initial phase, and thus, a lot is being expected of it.

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