Monday, 7 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta

With the help of customized firmware you can increase the features of your gadgets.
You can add exciting features on your smart phone, MP 3 player, camera etc. using the custom firmware to make your gadgets more powerful. You will have to understand the custom firmware fully for this.

Magic lantern is a custom firmware available for canon DSLR camera. This gets booted by the memory card. It adds special functions like extended exposure, extra ISO settings, manual auto settings, bracketing, motion detection, time lapse and HDR ability. You can check whether these functions are supported by your DSLR. You can download your custom firmware from For extra features you can store your files in the memory card and enjoy using the new features.

MP 3 Player
Rockbox ( is a free replacement firmware. This is available for MP 3 players supported by Apple, Kovan, ARCHOS, Sandisk. Depending on the different devices, it can add features like gapless feed, stereo voice recording, FM recording and album art. You can also customize the interface of your player according to your choice. The installation is a long procedure but the website gives detailed information. From the website you can get more information about supported devices and related links.

Media Player
WDTV forum hosts a custom firmware for WTV media players. ( this gives you stepwise information on how to install the firmware. With the help of custom firmware you can change the user interface. You can also install plugin for video thumbnail, screen grabs and download files. You can also get support for outside CD/DVD (attached to USB port) for some devices.

Prosumer camera
CHDK (Canon hack development kit) works for canon print and shoot and prosumer camera in the same way as magic lantern works for DSLR. You can use a simple method for this. Download the appropriate CHDK for your camera. You will need to go to to download the kit. Copy it on your memory card after downloading it. When you shoot with the memory card in your camera, you will see extra feature settings like RAW support, bracketing and advanced exposure control and live histogram.

Android Device
You can install a custom firmware on your android device and use the latest version of android. You can use the new version even if it is not available officially. This increases the performance and battery life of your device. But for this you will need to install the correct firmware for your device. You can get the appropriate firmware from To install the firmware you will need to route your device.

IOS jailbreak
To obtain the applications not available on apple app store, you will have to work on jailbreaking process.
With the help of IOS Jailbreaking, you can install those third party apps that are not available on apple app store. With the help of these apps you can reach out to those features that are not normally within the reach IOS devices. You can get Bluetooth file transfer, custom icons, wired tethering, and video recording on old Iphone, interface customization, custom keyboard and extra widgets. You will have to keep in mind that jail breaking is not illegal but it finishes your warranty.

The main advantage of custom firmware is that it helps you to reach the hidden features on the phone. This improves the performance of your device and enhances the battery life. According to your device type, there are plugins available that help you to change the user interface and add extra features of your choice. Sometimes you can get so many new features, that you need not buy a new device. The new device becomes smarter. With the help of custom firmware, you can download free and paid apps on your smart phone. It also helps you to reach the third party/ custom app store.

The biggest disadvantage of custom firmware is that it finishes the warranty of the device. Many manufacturers do not allow third party modifications or software installation. The second disadvantage is that if during custom firmware installation there is any connectivity problem, or if corrupt files are downloaded then you cannot do anything. Sometimes the custom firmware does not function 100 % correctly. Once the custom firmware is installed, you cannot install the firmware released officially by the company. You install the custom firmware at your own risk.

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