Monday, 18 March 2013


By Ishant Gupta
All the Apple smart phones, IPads and IPods have a virtual onscreen keyboard that function similarly. Let’s take a good look at the 10 most useful typing tips that will help you to type your mails and messages much faster. After all Time is money.
Some useful keyboard tips:

Tip#1. Sometimes you may want to type an accented characters like á,è,í,ó,ü. For this you will have to press the required key for a longer time. It will display the list of options available from which you can choose. Choose the character of your choice before releasing the key.

Tip#2. Suppose you are writing a mail to someone. When you complete a sentence, just tap twice on the space bar of the keyboard twice. This will insert a dot at the end of the sentence followed by a space automatically. As a result when you type the next letter, it will appear in capital.

Tip#3. Many a time we type in a hurry and often forget to include the apostrophe marks. But the Iphone keyboard is very intelligent. It automatically inserts the apostrophe mark where it is required. For example in the word ‘can’t’.

Tip#4. There are too many currency symbols in the world, but the apple Iphone keyboard like other virtual keyboards has only the dollar symbol. To get the symbol of other currencies, just press the $ key for a longer time. All other currency symbols will be displayed. Choose your symbol and then release the key.

Tip#5. To tell the temperature or weather about your place to someone else, you will need to write the degree symbol. For this you will have to shift from alphabet keyboard to numeric keyboard, press the degree symbol and then comeback to alphabet keyboard. Instead there is a faster way. Press the key with alphabet O for a long time. It will give you the degree symbol. Select it and then release the key.

Tip#6. Suppose you want to change the style of punctuation marks or question marks, or you want to elongate the hyphen sign. To do this just press and hold the corresponding key as shown in the snap shot.

Tip#7. Its considered very rude if you mail someone with all words in caps. It’s akin to shouting or talking in a loud voice. But at times we need to write some words in capital especially words that are acronyms. In such case you will have to press shift before every letter to make it capital. But there is a shorter way. Go to settings, click on general and then click on keyboard. Then press on the ‘Enable Caps lock’ option. Now when you press the shift key twice, it becomes the caps lock. Complete typing your word and then again press the shift key to come back to lower case.

Tip#8. Generally all website addresses end with .com. so when you enter a URL of a website on the safari browser, you can press the key with .com on it. But what if the address does not end with the usual .com? In such a case, press the .com key for a longer time. It will display other options like .edu, .org, .nic etc. you can choose from anyone of them.

Tip#9. Just like the above feature, there is another quick shortcut that will enable you to write the website address quickly. When typing the Email address in the mail program of iPhones / iPods in the To/Cc/Bcc section, just press on the key with a dot for a longer time. It will give you a list of domain shortcuts to complete the Email address. This shortcut saves you 3 keystrokes.

Tip#10. There is another very good trick that helps you to switch between numerical and alphabetical keyboard. Now take an example. Suppose you are typing a document which requires you to use the character ‘@’ while mentioning an Email ID. Conventional method states that we first shift from the alphabet keyboard to numeric keyboard, press the required key and then switch back to alphabet keyboard. This is definitely time consuming. 

The shortcut to this is to press the ?123 key. This will give you a display option for various characters. Slide your finger to the alpha character and select it. Then lift your finger to release the key. You can use this trick to type punctuation marks, currency symbols etc that are present on the numeric keypad of the Iphone or Ipad.

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