Saturday, 5 January 2013


By Ishant Gupta
With Google you can search anything in the world on the internet. But do you know that you can use Google for some special things also. Let us learn about some more services of Google.
Search for special recipes
With this customized search you can search for any recipe around the world. With the help of this page, Google will search the food sites for you and present the recipe before you. It will remove the links that are not required. With the help of this service you can search for special diabetic recipes or low fat recipes.
Understand the Website rankings
Everybody wants their websites to be ranked on top on Google. For this you need to understand some difficult terms like site indexing, ranking and search engine optimization. Webmasters is a free service of Google that can help you understand these terms. With the help of Webmasters you can understand how Google ranks its websites. Webmasters will also help you to analyze the difficulties encountered while reaching your website and also tell you the ways to improve the visibility of your website.

Information through SMS
Google has enabled the use of some of its applications through SMS. For example suppose you want to use the web to know the news, cricket score and movies, just send an SMS to 9773300000. You will get the desired result in the form of an SMS. You can also register your phone with Google calendar. This way you will get notification about the upcoming events through SMS. This feature is good for phones. Normal SMS charges apply for this service. This service is useful when you data connectivity gets over.

Keep an eye on your accounts
Do you know how much time you have spent on the internet? Now Google gives a detailed account of your usage of various Google services. You will have to register for this service, after which Google will generate a report for you. This report gives information about your Email, you tube and search history usage. It is mailed to you. You can study this report at leisure. It will give you an idea about how much time you spend on the various Google services.

Do what your hear desires
Schemer is a service that helps you to make a list of all activities that you wish to do. You can add friends to your schemer account and find out what activity they are doing. You can also see a list of activities suggested by people worldwide.

Full knowledge search
This is a customized search with the help of which you can search for thesis, articles, books, court opinions and other documents. This can also help you search for the entire document on the net. In this the articles are rated according to their content quality, writer and reference usage.

Video Chat Service
Hangout is a free group video chat service provided by Google. This service allows you to chat with maximum 10 people at the same time on phone, tab or PC. This service identifies the speaker and puts him on the main window. You can also share screen with others.

Collection of Doodles
You must have noticed that on special occasions, Google home page has colorful designs made on it. These are called doodles. These doodles are stored in the Google doodles archive. These contain interactive and playable doodles. You can view these doodles according to the year and country on the archive.

Discuss on any topic
Moderator is the open forum of Google. You can discuss on any topic on the forum. If you post a query or idea on the forum, the other users will vote and tell whether the idea or query is good or bad. Even visitors can post a query or comment on the forum. You can share the whole discussion here. You can post your comment through mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. Through this forum you can take opinions from all over the world.

Navigation and traffic
Google’s latest update for android devices has brought voice guided turn by turn navigation in India. You can take the help of Google maps or dedicated navigation apps available in some phones. With help of Google navigation, you can get the live information about traffic conditions in some select cities in India. The app also suggests a route for you by which you can escape the traffic and reach your destination. Like this you can get information about any place from Google. Google live traffic information can also be viewed on your PC browser.

Make your own map
With the help of Google map maker you can update information about more than 200 countries on Google maps and Google earth. You can add new places and also edit existing information. You can also review the information put up by other users. The changes made by you will be checked by a moderator. Once approved the information is added and can then be viewed worldwide.

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