Saturday, 29 September 2012


Battery backup is a big problem in smartphones. It get discharge in few hours after complete charging. Here is some tips to increase battery life.
Important Tips:-
1. Screen Brightness:- Set brightness of your smartphone by yourself. It changes automatically in automatic setting mode and increases battery use. Set screen time out also very low.

2. Wireless connectivity:- Some functions like EDGE, 3G, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS are very useful but consume energy very much. Switch off these functions when you are not using.

3. Push Notification:- Your phone always check notifications when push notification is on. In some devices it display with a voice. It consumes battery and better to turn off push notification.

Applications to increase battery life:-
1. Battery Saver Pro:- You can use this application on Blackberry phone. It provides you a clean graphical user interface, so that you can monitor process. You can set alert for low battery and can check battery uses graph also.

2. Battery Life Pro:- This application can be used on iOS. It's interface is very attractive. It shows system info and graphs for memory uses. It provides one touch on/off facility for Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and push notification. You can increase battery life with it.

3. Battery Saver:- If you are using a window phone, then you can add tiles on home screen by this application and can navigate among battery consuming functions like wi fi, bluetooth, 3G and GPS. You can on/off these services any time.

4. Juice Defender:- This application can be used on Android phone. It provides battery saving presets like balanced, aggressive and extreme. By selecting anyone, you can manage phone features yourself.

Tips for iPhone:-
1. Location Service:- Some apps. uses location service to provide content and service. It works on GPS or Wi Fi. It consumes battery. Disable the apps., which does not require location service.

2. System Service:- Go to Settings. Then System services in location services. Now switch off location based iAds, Diagnostic, Uses, Traffic and Automatic time zone update.

Tips for Android:-
1. Check battery uses:- Check battery uses in Applications in Settings. Stop or uninstall the applications, which are not used from a long time. It will increase battery life.

2. GPS location:- Android location settings find your location by GPS satellite or wireless network. You can switch off these functions. Go to Settings --> switch off "Use GPS satellite" and "Assisted GPS."

Some Accessories:-
1. Battery Cases:- Mophie's juice pack battery case (starting range $55) has a built in battery. This case connects with charging port of phone and top up internal battery.

2. Portable Charger:- These are handy gadgets with different different charger pins. Mostly charges a phone 2 times completely.


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