Sunday, 3 March 2013


By Ishant Gupta

If you have clicked photos using your Smartphone and if you want to give them different effect, there are some free applications to assist you. You can use these applications to apply your favourite effect to your photos, and also share them with your friends.

1. aPhoto
This is a very useful application. This application, created with gesture-based interface, is useful for photo editing and enhancing photo quality.  It can be used for applying various effects such as basic colour, brightness adjustment and vignetting, rainbow, white glow, pencil, emboss and lithograph.

2. Photo Lab
If you want to create a fun montage, then opt for Photo Lab application. It can also be used for creating collage, contact icon or phone wallpaper. It offers 450 different photo effects and filters. It also has an intelligent face detection feature. Using this feature you can adjust a person’s face in a montage and so can enhance the photo.
Download link Photo Lab

3. Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express application helps you to crop, rotate, flip a photo. You can apply borders, filters and effects to photos. It also allows you to work on colour adjustment, saturation and contrast. If you create a free account using the application, you get 2GB cloud storage to store your photos and videos.
Download link Photoshop Express

1. Pixlr-o-matic
This application is identical to Instagram but it is good in terms of interface and speed. What is especially good about it is its retro style and old frame effect. Once you are finished with making changes to your pictures you can save them and also share them with your friends. This application can be used via web browser for iOS, facebook and Chrome web app.
Download link Pixlr-o-matic

2. Fotolr Photo Studio
This application offers 22 photo editing and picture effects. It also includes portrait makeover feature. Additionally, it has built-in photo album, where you can make changes to skin colour, remove any spots, add a wig or makeup. It also provides an album for your edited photos.
Download link Fotolr Photo

3. PhotoFunia
With this application, you can enhance your photos to give them an effect of broken glass, engraving and lego. You can have your photos in 150 different scenes. It allows you to see your picure in a billboard, an art gallery or you can even attach someone’s face with someone else’s body. This application is available on almost all platforms including android, iOS, Windows phone, Symbian, Palm and Blackberry.
Download link PhotoFunia

Windows phone
1. Photo FX Free
Use this application to create impressive effects. Click a photograph and upload it from your album. You can get various effects such as vintage, lomo and emo. If you buy the pro version you get many more features. It costs 1.49 USD.
Download link Photo FX Free

2. PonyPhoto
PonyPhoto offers all the features that are usually provided by other similar softwares. You can get image effects such as grey scale, sepia and so on. Frame and image size adjustment is also possible with this application. It also has a GIF creator. This feature can turn still image into animated GIF.
Download link PonyPhoto

1. Photo Studio
This is a Blackberry Messenger (BBM) connected application. For starters, you have the basic effects like crop, resize and rotate in this application. In addition to that, there are 70 more effects to choose from. It also has a PicFrame feature. By using this feature, you can select many images and put them together into a single stylish frame.
Download link Photo Studio

2. PhotoClub Free
You can create basic effects with the help of this application. You can add small clipart and frames to your photos. After you are done with editing of the photos, you can share them via BlackBerry Messenger or via social networking websites.
Download link PhotoClub Free


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Awesome list, have you seen too ? there is +900 photo effects, i hope you will like it too

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