Monday, 6 May 2013


By Ishant Gupta
After featuring in mobile phones and tablets, the smart operating system (OS) will soon make its presence felt in some quite unusual domains.

You must be aware of the operating systems used in your mobile phones. It was a general perception until now that operating systems like Android and Symbian are used just to enhance the speed of the mobile phones. Some years ago, operating system was used only in the domain of computer systems. But now, after having captured the domain of mobile phones too, operating system is ready to extend its wings further to cars, television, watches, refrigerators and microwave ovens. Thanks to the ever evolving technology, operating systems have been put to use in many electronic equipments. In near future, their presence will be witnessed in some unexpected places.
Currently, market has cars with entertainment system including GPS, touch screen, Bluetooth and multimedia capacity. But soon in the future with the help of Android, QNX or Linux, we will have such a system that will allow addition of lot of new services. There will be better control over various aspects of car such as suspension, seats and climate control. Also, with the help of the smart operating system, you will have location awareness, information about nearby accidents and traffic. If your car is stolen, you will be able to track it. Also you will get information about restaurant deals and locations.

Currently, the in-flight entertainment system offers facilities like on-demand audio-video. But now, smart systems are ready to take one step ahead. These smart systems will be based on Android operating systems. This system gives you the option of web browsing along with checking emails. However, some international flights already have a paid Wi-Fi access. With the help of new smart systems you can plug-in a USB drive to watch your multimedia content. You can browse the food and drinks menu and place an order too. You can also browse through the duty-free selection. Additionally, you can get information about flights. You can also read newspapers and magazines from given selection.

Mirrors with built-in screen are available in market these days. Once you turn off the screen, they work like normal mirrors. There is a new Android-based car rear view mirror technology. It has a touch screen. This new technology is expected to be out by early 2013. You can connect it with the Bluetooth of your smartphone to use it like a hands free device. You can also have a caller ID display on it if you wish.

Google is now selling Google TVs. Using them, you can stream live TV on Internet. In addition to that, you can also obtain the audio/video content of your choice. You can use Android apps for this purpose. By connecting your mobile device to the In-television, you can get remote operation, scheduling and remote playback.

Samsung has long been offering refrigerators in which, with the help of apps, one can download recipes, browse internet and update social networking websites. Not only that, they also feature a front mounted touch screen LCD to write important notes, for your family members for example. However, many more changes are expected to happen in this technique. With the upcoming smart operating system, you will be able to maintain a list of finished items in the refrigerator and also order them online. This refrigerator can communicate with other smart devices such as the microwave oven to suggest possible recipes based on the available ingredients. 

You can buy watch phones like GD910 by LG and watch phone by Borg. But these devices have the proprietary browsing system. This browsing system allows web browsing and is equipped with speech recognition system. Now, you can even buy the Android based smartwatch by Sony for 150 USD. You can connect it with your Android smart phone, and view the incoming calls, SMS, emails and other updates on the touchscreen of the watch. What’s more? This watch also displays the heart rate, location and can also be your fitness trainer.

In near future we will be able to witness smarter microwaves with wireless connectivity and operating system which will be controlled with a coloured touchscreen. You will not only control your oven using this system but also get cooking tips and download recipes. Also, you will be able to get suggestions about meals with the ingredients available in the house. It can also provide you the real-time calorie information. You can connect it with your smartphone and find out whether the food is ready or not. So, microwaves are now all ready to take on new roles.

Home security
Home security is becoming quite popular these days. With every passing day there are new developments happening in the systems. But in coming days, the home security systems will become more user friendly. You can connect it with your mobile phone. Using the many solutions available, you can use your mobile phone to remotely keep an eye on your house and to remotely enable or disable the system. But the good thing is that in near future this system will be based on smart operating system. This OS will resemble Android or Linux, which implies that you can add applications to it and get many things done through it.


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