Friday, 8 February 2013


By Ishant Gupta

When you upload a video on YouTube, you can also have your branding on it. You can not only put a logo on it but also give it a watermark effect. Also, you do not have to edit the original video clip. You will see this logo throughout the video just as you see the logo of a TV channel while a program is running on it. There are quite a few softwares available that help you to attach a logo to the video but they do not work on an already uploaded video. A new YouTube feature lets you add a logo to an uploaded video too.

How to add your logo to the uploaded video
Go to this link :
Here you will come across a video that provides information on YouTube’s new InVideo programming feature. This 6 minute video shows you how in future, you can enhance your YouTube video watching experience. This video also explains the technique to add logo to your video.

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