Friday, 24 June 2016


By Ishant Gupta
Do you love photography? Then you must also be facing difficulties managing your photographs. You can make this tedious task easier with the help of photo sharing websites.

If you are a passionate photographer, you must be having a huge collection of photographs. In today’s world, almost everyone tries to perfect the art of photography using good smartphones and digital cameras. However, there arises a concern about storing these photographs.

It is not a bad option to store your photographs on your computer’s hard disk. However, the hard disk can crash at times or you might delete photos by mistake. Thus, it could be safer to save the photos online. The advantage is that you can download these photos from anywhere in the world. All this has been possible thanks to the photo sharing websites. 
The greatest advantage of these websites is that you can gain popularity as a good photographer in the online world. And it is the best way of sharing photos with your friends. For this, it is necessary for you to have an account on these websites. These websites now offer lot of features. Hence, with the help of these websites, you can show your talent to the whole world. Plus, it is very easy to work with these websites. You don’t need to understand any new technique additionally. If you want the world to know how good a photographer you are, you should take help of these photo sharing websites.

Using Flickr you can share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and on blogs. There are many ways to upload your photographs here. If you wish, you can directly upload a photograph from your mobile phone. It is also very easy to upload photos via email or web browser. World famous art photos are available on Flickr. You can choose between two types of accounts- free and paid. Using the free account, you can upload photos of upto 300 MB each month.

Here you have the online version of the photoshop software. You can add effects to your photographs with the help of this website. You also get a free space of about 2 GB to store your photographs. It also offers options like slide show and image gallery.

This website by Google offers many important apps. Most importantly, you can use the slide show creating tool to create an album of professional quality. Picasa also provides a photo sharing application. Once you download it on your computer, you can search photos on your computer and you can upload them. If you wish, you can also upload these photographs on Google’s social networking website Google Plus. Using it’s free account you can upload unlimited photographs.

Here you can create an album of your photographs. It’s free account allows to upload photographs of upto 500 MB and around 20 videos. Working with this website is extremely easy.

Using free account on Photobucket you can upload unlimited photographs. Just remember to keep the total size of photographs below 5 MB. You can also edit the photos and graphics. It provides an easy option of creating slide show of photographs as well as sharing photos with friends.


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