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microsoft windows
1. Cam studio
Cam studio
Cam studio is very useful software. This software is capable of recording the screen activities that the windows users do on their personal computer.  This recording is then converted into a video. If you want to display any activity you perform on your personal computer or broadcast the same on the web to your friends, family members or anyone for the reason, then Cam studio come as handy tool for it. To do it, you have to start the Cam studio and then click on record button to start recording. Then minimize this Cam studio window, and start doing your activity on the computer. When you have finished completing your tasks, go to the cam studio window again and stop the recording. After stopping the recording, a high quality AVI format video file of the recording done will be created and made available to you. This is much easy and as same as using a camera to record your screen activities. To purchase this software, you can visit .

2. Cross loop
Cross loop
Imagine you are working in windows and suddenly you start facing problems or any kind of complicated issues, then the software which will help you in troubleshooting such events is Crossloop.  Crossloop will help anyone to connect with your computer remotely and with your permission, they can work on your computer for some time, for example troubleshoot issues.  Complex VNC clients or IP addresses are not needed for using Crossloop. Crossloop just requires the two communicating personal computers to have its software installed and a good internet connection to start connecting with each other. The advantage of Crossloop is, it uses a very secure connection and requires the use of passwords to work with it. Every time you start Crossloop, passkeys are generated that each time to be used for that particular session. To purchase this software, visit .

3. Dexpot
This is a useful and a magnificent utility for enjoying the features of virtual desktop.
If you want to open multiple windows at the same time, while working on your windows desktop, there are possibilities that desktop and taskbar may get struck. In this situation, Dexpot comes to the rescue. Dexpot provides the features using which one can have four desktops simultaneously opened at the same time. This each simultaneously opened desktop can be operated as individual computer. Each desktop has its own windows and programs running on it. Desktops can be switched between each of them using shortcut key commands. If you are using a laptop of small screen sizes, then this software is a highly recommendable for you. Visit to buy it.

4. Eraser
If you are selling your old personal computer or hard drive, you may have the feeling that data, even if it’s small, may still exist on personal computer or hard drive surely. However, you would have deleted all the data, but with the help of some software like Recuva, one can recover the data deleted. With a view on software like these, you can take the help of Eraser.
Using this software, Eraser, you can delete your choice of data from the folders, forever. After deleting this way, the data deleted cannot be recovered in any way.
Eraser uses the technology of Ranmali pattern to overwrite your data and also you can select your preferable security level. You can visit to know more about it.

5. Recuva
Recuva helps in recovering your lost documents. Take for instance, when your system crashes, it would lead to the deletion of data from the built in hard drive of the system. Also, there are chances, that when you connect a virus infected removable USB flash drive or digital camera with the system; it would corrupt the system, leading to the deletion or destruction of data. In such scenario, Recuva tends to be a useful protection.
The working of Recuva is simple and straight forward. When you delete a file, the file does not get deleted in reality, but it gets hidden and the space gets freed and it is made available for other files to be overwritten there. As and when you do not overwrite data from the first or you format the memory device, the data can be recovered using Recuva. For further information, you can visit


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