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6. Rocket Dock
Rocket Dock
If you are looking for MAC OS X like sleek software dock or launcher, then you can go in for Rocket Dock. It is very light and also fully customizable. It does not grab or preempt the resources of the system.
In this tool, you can select a particular location, as well as you can apply different theme and animation effects. With the help of drag and drop feature it provides, you can easily add or remove shortcuts. If you intend to and are interested, you can completely replace the standard windows taskbar. In this mode, your applications will get minimized on the dock. You can download this tool by visiting .

7. Truecrypt
If you want to hide or protect some files which are confidential or personal from others, then you can use Truecrypt tool for making that happen. This is an automatic and real time open source encryption software.
This software can ensure the security and confidentiality of any files on your hard disk or personal computer. This tool ensures that data is protected and out of access from unauthorized persons or a experienced hacker. Encrypted volume too can be created with the help of Truecrypt. Truecrypt uses the latest technology of multi core processor to perform encryption and decryption. There is also no scope for system getting to respond too slowly, when you use this tool. It is very easy to use and one can access this site, for trying it.

8. Screenleap
Screenleap is a screen sharing service. This software is helpful for people who work mostly through browsers. They don’t have to either download and install any files or use sign in. To use this service, one needs java installed, which is already available in most of the systems. Without the need to use any application to share the screen with the people you intend to do, this service can just use the browser on either Smartphone or tablet to connect the people.
The biggest advantage of this service is the feature which allows sharing of screen with more number of people at the same time. To enjoy the features of screen sharing service, please visit .

9. Keepass
If you have number of accounts on various sites, then keeping in mind the passwords becomes a tussle full work. Each time remembering the password for each account may be tiresome at some point of time. This is where this tool, Keepass comes to our rescue. Keepass is an open source password keeper. This tool stores the data in a highly encrypted database.
One can use this tool to store their important information like passwords, credit cards information, bank identification credentials etc. All this data is kept secure using a master password. This tool encrypts the data on its own and stress on your computer. Keepass uses the latest and the most secure encryption algorithm as and when they are developed. can be visited for purchase and more information on keepass tool.

10. XBMC
XBMC, basically is a media center software for windows. But practically understanding XBMC, demonstrates that it is much more helpful in many aspects. If you have personal computer connected with a television or you use laptop for limited use like watching videos, listening music or to view photographs, then this tool is mandatory for you.  
The interface of this tool is customizable, attractive, and easy to use and understand as well as easily viewable through television screen. This very same special feature of interface makes it outstanding and different from windows interface. The user community of XBMC is very spectacular and the many add-ons it provides are also very good.   Visit to buy it.


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